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From: R C Mitchell <rcm@×××××××××××××.uk>
To: Gentoo Users <gentoo-user@l.g.o>
Subject: [gentoo-user] Installation problems on AMD64 box
Date: Fri, 28 Nov 2008 11:36:41
1 I use Ubuntu for every day but as my box has a spare 40GB hard disk I decided
2 to have a go at installing Gentoo on it for evaluation
4 Using the handbook documentation for AMD64 I burned a basic installation CD,
5 booted it up, and followed the instructions for installation on the spare
6 drive. Everything went fine; I partitioned the disk with a 32MB ext2 sector
7 for /boot, a 512MB swap sector, 10GB for root and the rest for /home. I had
8 no trouble with the network, successfully downloaded everything that needed
9 to be downloaded and unpacked it, successfully chrooted to the new system,
10 and reached the compiling the kernel section without a glitch.
12 And the then the trouble began. I emerged gentoo-sources, and it ran fine for
13 about five minutes, and then (choosing the moment when I decided all was well
14 to go and make a pot of tea, the system rebooted itself. I booted up the
15 disk again and went through the chrooting process. When I went to emerge
16 gentoo-sources again, emerge looked for the dependencies and then the whole
17 system froze solid with one of those "this is NOT our fault" kernel panic
18 messages.
20 Not to worry. I can be very patient on occasions. I cold booted the box and
21 started all over again, deleting the new partitions and going through the
22 instructions from the beginning incase I'd missed anything. Again I got to
23 emerging gentoo-sources. Again it ran for about five minutes before the
24 system rebooted itself. Again I went through the chrooting process and went
25 to emerge gentoo-sources. Again the system froze. I rebooted and rechrooted
26 and tried it again. Same result.
28 I'm reluctant to believe that this is down to an arbitrary hardware fault,
29 since everything else works fine. It does seem to have something to do with
30 emerging gentoo-sources.
32 Is anybody able to rescue this maiden in distress and throw some light on my
33 problem?
35 Rosie


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