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From: Ralf <ralf+gentoo@×××××××××××××××××××.de>
To: gentoo-user@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-user] ZFS Filesystem for Gentoo Fileserver
Date: Thu, 07 Jan 2016 22:12:56
1 Hi folks,
3 I'm currently rethinking the filesystem structure of my file server. My
4 current setup is as follows:
6 DM Raid 10 (4x3TiB) -> Luks -> Ext4
8 At the moment the Raid 10 costs 50% of available memory, in future, I'd
9 like to use Raid5 which would only costs 25% in my case.
11 But more important: I'd also like to use ZFS on linux as I experienced
12 it to be rock solid on Linux. (Had really good experience with ZFS
13 together with Proxmox, damn, ZFS really rocks!). But the problem's in
14 the details: Encryption...
16 In my opinion, encryption is not optional, it is mandatory. Afaik, ZFS
17 has its own encryption mechanisms which are currently not supported on
18 Linux. So what would be the best way to go?
20 First solution: DM-Raid -> Luks -> ZFS
21 Pro: Known to work
22 Con: ZFS actually comes with it's own (probably more efficient) Raid
23 system called RaidZ which will not be used in this setup
25 Second solution: 4xLuks -> ZFS
26 Pro: Now it's possible to use RaidZ
27 Con: 4x independent crypto which is a performance killer (especially as
28 my box doesn't suport AES-NI...)
30 Other solutions, like using EncFS is inconvenient as zfs features like
31 file history would not work any longer.
33 Any suggestions? Does anyone already have an encrypted ZFS setup on
34 Linux and would like to share experience?
36 If blocks on my physical disk fail or are corrupted, would these errors
37 be propagated through block layers DM Raid and Luks upwards to ZFS so
38 that resilvering will work?
40 Cheers
41 Ralf