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From: "Clara García" <clara2g@×××××.es>
To: gentoo-user@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-user] USB modem locks weirdly
Date: Sun, 08 Jul 2007 22:04:01
1 Hello, I have a Huawei USB E220 modem wich works fine almost all the time. But sometimes when I connect, it seems to work OK (led turns continous blue and wvdial shows exactly the same as when the modem connects well, no errors) but there is no connection to the internet, I can't use anything related with the internet, I can't ping google or any web...
3 It happens when:
4 1. Sometimes while connected.
5 2. Sometimes connecting (Sometimes randomly or if the 1. case happens, it's for sure modem will hangs up connecting).
6 3. Always if unplug/plug the modem (Even if the computer is poweroff).
8 The modem doesn't connect correctly again until I fix it, so I can say the modem "locks" better than "hangs up". The worst and the weird of this problem is the solution; when the modem locks it won't run again until I reboot to Windows, connect to the internet there and reboot again to Gentoo, then the modem works fine again (until next time).
10 As you can see that is painful because:
11 1. I need to reboot two times to get online again on Gentoo.
12 2. It makes me have a Windows installation only for unlock my modem!
13 3. It can happens a few times in a day.
15 ¿Anyone knows a way to unlock the modem on Linux?
18 Thank you in advance and sorry for my english.
20 --
21 Clara García <clara2g@×××××.es>
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