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Subject: [gentoo-user] Perl server-side debug
Date: Mon, 04 Aug 2008 17:51:56
1 I have a non-gentoo question here, but my problems are probably partly
2 flavored by using gentoo at home and something else at work.
4 Here is a page on debugging perl server-side code under Apache:
8 It has two steps: starting apache with -X (run on the console in the
9 foreground, don't fork or start any children, handle incoming requests
10 directly one at a time) and adding configuration to use Apache::DB.
12 My problem is that I am trying to do this on a server not entirely
13 under my comlete control; it writes a configuration file from a
14 template which I can change, but a lot of internal logic deals with
15 Mason, and I can't just go changing everything to make this work. I
16 can start my own server, that is not the problem, it's that I must
17 keep its original behavior intact, including using Mason.
19 One of the puzzles is that the web page in question apparently is
20 using a pretty old version of, 1.0402, which has different
21 perldb commands than I am used to: 'w' for a "window" of source
22 listing, where I am used to 'l' for "list". Both my home gentoo
23 system and this foreign system I am using are 1.28.
25 Or perhaps this web page is written for Windows users of some sort,
26 and Windows perl has differences from the real version :-)
28 Does anyone have any experience with this server-side debugging process?
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