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From: Sathish Vasudevaiah <svholla@××××.net>
To: gentoo-user@l.g.o
Subject: Re: [gentoo-user] building a binary distribution
Date: Wed, 22 Nov 2006 02:21:29
Message-Id: 1164181471.9643.16.camel@tej
1 >You can make a chroot with a generic install for building binary
2 >packages[2] and use it as a binhost[1]. Or you can use crossdev to
3 >create an environment and use distcc[3] so your fast machine will
4 >compile packages for you. I've used both and distcc seems a bit more
5 >clean and transparent, while a little harder to configure (I had to
6 >mask some crossdev packages till I get a usable configuration, but
7 >after that, it works flawless).
9 Thanks, I went through the references..
10 The distcc-crossdev approach seems to assume that
11 all of the upgrade actions start from the slow machine
12 but get executed on the fast system. And there is no
13 saving of the intermediate results (binary packages)
15 On the mythtv machine there is a spare partition
16 created for testing. I am thinking of the following
17 approach
18 - create all the binary packages
19 - NFS mount the spare partition
20 - install the binary packages and boot up with
21 the spare partition for testing.
23 This should leave the mythtv system with a working
24 setup all the time. In this case, how do I bootstrap
25 the spare partition ? Should I start with the gentoo
26 livecd or do a 'dd' from the working partition to the
27 spare one ?
29 >I didn't need ultra-fancy CFLAGs optimization, so I'm now using the
30 >Gentoo system that is the main OS on that "big iron" for providing
31 >binary packages, trading off a few CPU cycles for not doing all
32 >possible optimization.
33 >You have many options, but it certainly depends on what machines you
34 >have for doing the compilation work. If their architecture doesn't
35 >match that of the targeted machine, you can do cross-compiling, but
37 In my case it is the stability..the safe cflags gentoo doc
38 is indicating that "march=c3..." so this probably means cross
39 compilation.
43 thanks
44 sathish
50 --
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