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From: Ashley Dixon <ash@××××××××××.uk>
To: gentoo-user@l.g.o
Subject: Re: [gentoo-user] Courier Sub-addressing
Date: Fri, 22 May 2020 20:11:27
Message-Id: 20200522201101.q3ncwr6jfkwfubhs@ad-gentoo-main
In Reply to: Re: [gentoo-user] Courier Sub-addressing by antlists
1 On Fri, May 22, 2020 at 04:17:24PM +0100, antlists wrote:
2 > If I understand what you are attempting correctly (not a given!) then what
3 > you are trying won't work. You're confusing multiple *folders* with multiple
4 > *users*.
6 Sorry, my original e-mail was quite nondescript. Consider that I have a few
7 folders in my INBOX maildir, created with maildirmake(1) -f: Sent, Trash,
8 Drafts, AcademicMatters, etc.
10 Should an e-mail be sent to ash+AcademicMatters@××××××××××.uk, it should
11 automatically be redirected into the appropriate sub-maildir. As the
12 AcademicMatters folder is a folder inside the `ash` maildir, there is only a
13 single user involved, with multiple folders.
15 > This is, I believe, an RFC so Courier is simply implementing the spec.
16 > That's probably why there is precious little Courier reference material, it
17 > assumes you have the RFC to hand ...
19 It seems like sub-addressing is defined in #5233 [1]. Further discussion
20 specific to the Sieve language is found in #5228 [2]. It seems like, to use the
21 example in [1], an e-mail addressed to `ken+sieve@×××××××.org` is sent to the
22 mailbox `sieve` belonging to `ken`. In my case, this would be sending mail to
23 the `AcademicMatters` mailbox owned by `ash`.
25 > I don't know what happens with your "-" example, but it just looks wrong to
26 > me.
28 In my original message, I complained that the server was throwing out an error
29 stating that the corresponding entry could not be found in the virtual users
30 table. It seems like the `recipient_delimiter` attribute in Postfix's
31 can specify an arbitrary delimiter, so a plus, hyphen, or any other legal
32 character can be used to denote the sub-address.
34 With `recipient_delimiter = +`, e-mail sent to ash+* now ends up
35 in my inbox. To inspect the text after the delimiter and move it to the correct
36 folder accordingly is a job for Courier's `maildrop`, I suspect.
38 > It should be looking for an AcademicMatters POP account, and then
39 > delivering the mail to a user account called ash on the server called
40 > AcademicMatters.
42 I don't really understand this sentence, sorry. How can a user account called
43 `ash` also be called `AcademicMatters` ? `AcademicMatters` is a subdirectory
44 inside the `ash` user's inbox.
46 On Fri, May 22, 2020 at 08:52:23AM -0400, james wrote:
47 > Yes, but with mail-client/Thunderbird. The tricks (with thunderbird) are
48 > mostly related to how you set up your filters, and the order of the filters.
50 I would rather do this on the server, as I access my e-mail from various
51 machines, many of which are not listening for mail constantly. I also dislike
52 Thunderbird as I find it too heavy for a mail client; (Neo)Mutt has served me
53 well for a long time.
55 > Do post your findings, as I'm sure others would appreciate a robust (gentoo)
56 > solution, particularly if the feature list supports cell phones (android
57 > and/or apple cell phones) and those text/emails.
59 I think the problem you're posing is a very different one to mine: I am only
60 concerned with filtering e-mail to particular folders based on the address to
61 which the mail was sent. Your problem seems to be far more generalised and
62 large-scale.
64 [1]
65 [2]
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