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From: james <garftd@×××××××.net>
To: gentoo-user@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-user] Install 2011 Asus thin lappy
Date: Sun, 02 Dec 2018 22:31:51
It has and Icore 5, 4 GB and 124GB SSD. If I can I like to nuke the
windows 7 home edition or shrink it way way down, in case I need access
on the windows side. It's really nice, sturdy metal case and very, very
thin. It has a 13.5 inch screen. Perhaps I need to discover all the
hardware particulars before I format of the windows 7 home edition ?
Perhaps I just need to leave the W-7 and shrink it up?

It only has (2) usb ports and a mini usb port.
I have an Asus  usb-to-ethernet, works under window.
I'm  not so sure about the bios (EFI) American Megatrends
setting to get it to boot.

So I was first looking for an easy image to put on a usb 3 drive
with a common linux to get the boot settings right, before I try to
get it to boot/install gentoo. I'd like a very minimize gentoo linux
with a minimized Desktop? Perhaps I should just install and run
a linux install design for these old laptops? Perhaps an older
SystemRescue usb images to test the boot settings?  I can do an overthe
ethernet install if necessary, but would prefer a gentoo-usb install
at least for the basic minimize gentoo.

Suggests, as my experience with usb linux installs is very weak.
A pathway, that is easy to follow, as I might just install several
old laptops, if this works

So in the  bios the aptio setup utility::

Boot Option #1
Windows boot manager (po: Sandisk SSD u100 124GB

OR:: ADD new boot Option
...Add boot option
	(dialog box with 'add boot option)

...SELECT File system
	PCI(1F|2)\DevicePath(Type 3, SubType 12)Part1,sig787(long key sequence)

...PATH for boot option
	(just a dialog box for 'path for boot option)

	(please set boot option name and file path)

In the bios it also has::

 Save Changes & Exit
"Boot Override

	Windows boot mgr

	Launch EFI shell from file system device

Suggestions, and which instructions to follow (I found several in the
gentoo wiki not to mention other gentoo laptop install pages.

Perhaps a bios update before beginning?  No, a bad idea?

Openboot or another open bios on this old but sturdy laptop?

I could just use a live-gentoo rewritable usb 3 (thumb drive) on it and
forget the install?

All suggestions and references appreciated.


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