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From: Andrei Hanganu <ahanganu@×××××××××××.com>
To: gentoo-user@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-user] perfect IDE
Date: Tue, 17 Feb 2009 14:05:27
1 helo group,
3 i've been trying the past 2-3 years to find the most usable and nice ide
4 for c/c++ code writing. I've been through vim/vim + plugins/emacs +
5 different modes/anjuta/kdevelop/codeblocks/eclipse/netbeans ... every
6 single one of them has at least one drawback.
8 In short words, i am looking for an ide that can do this:
9 - syntax highlighting
10 - autocomplete (on the fly, not on demand, and maybe smart? - identify
11 structures/classes )
12 - concurrent editing of multiple files (splitting)
13 - tabs or buffer list
14 - file browser
15 - project manager
16 - symbol list/browser current editing buffer
17 - regex search/replace
18 - flexible build options that include scons, not just makefile
19 - code folding (with detection of blocks)
20 - lightweight/ergonomic interface (i dislike space being occupied by the
21 bar that displays the line numbers, with a padding of 10px for example)
23 i don't desire gdb or valgrind integration, but would be a +
25 does anyone know the answer to this ultimate question? I keep comparing
26 different editors with the microsoft's visual studio, that is not by far
27 as powerful as emacs but it just plain and simple does the job. They
28 will reach a milestone when the brackets matching will actually work,
29 but despite small inconveniences, i find it to be very close to what i
30 am looking for.
31 kdevelop also seemed very close to what i wanted, but somehow the fonts
32 or the dpi make it very "crowded", i get very little space for the code.
33 On the other hand netbeans is a good example of how the interface should
34 be arranged, but java driven ide tends to stop being able to respond in
35 tolerable time.
37 i am on the edge of despair, and i am willing to try even a commercial
38 solution.
39 Anyone had some very positive experience with a specific ide?
41 thanks,
42 Andrei


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