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From: luis jure <ljc@××××××××××××.uy>
To: gentoo-user <gentoo-user@l.g.o>
Subject: [gentoo-user] lots of binfmt_misc...
Date: Sat, 12 May 2012 01:14:19
Message-Id: 20120511221155.0ee9b2ed@acme7.acmenet
1 i have just set up a new gentoo machine (the first one in years), and when
2 i run "mount", i get this line repeated 20+ times:
4 binfmt_misc on /proc/sys/fs/binfmt_misc type binfmt_misc
5 (rw,noexec,nosuid,nodev)
8 i admit that i don't know much about "binfmt_misc", but it doesn't look
9 tidy to me. why are there so many entries (i only get one at home)?