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From: Joseph <syscon780@×××××.com>
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Subject: [gentoo-user] clone XP-Virtual to a file
Date: Thu, 11 Sep 2014 02:37:27
Message-Id: 20140911023722.GA13917@syscon7
1 How to close virtualbox machine (windows xp) to a file?
2 I need to transfer it to another box.
4 I made some notes but they are old so I'm not sure if they are applicable or there is an easier way.
6 ===========
7 1) Shut down the virtual machine you would like to copy
8 2) In File > Virtual Media Manager, select the virtual machine disk image you would like to copy, and press the Release button
9 3) In a terminal window, issue following command (see virtualbox user manual):
11 VBoxManage clonehd (complete-path)/directory/image1.vdi (complete_path)/directory/image2.vdi
12 VBoxManage clonehd /home/thelma/.VirtualBox/HardDisk/xp-clinic.vdi /home/thelma/xp-clinic.vdi
14 4) In File > Virtualdiskmanager, add the new disk image you've created in step 3.
15 5) In the main virtualbox window, press the New button to create a new virtual machine, and link it to the new disk image you've created.
17 To re-attache the vdi:
18 Next we have to undo the Release we did before so that we can continue using our Virtual Machine. In VirtualBox main Window select the Virtual Machine (1) and press the
19 Settings button (2). Go to Storage (3) IDE Controller (left window - empty); "right click" on "IDE Controller" and press the Add Hard Disk button (in the left window
20 (4). Here select your initial .vdi file (5) and your Virtual Machine will be ok.
21 ============
23 I've noticed there is a "Clone" menu. Do I use it and just tar.gz entire folder to a new machine?
25 --
26 Joseph


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