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From: Lord Sauron <lordsauronthegreat@×××××.com>
To: gentoo-user@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-user] Null Modem Cables Between Windoze XP and Linux
Date: Sat, 24 Jun 2006 19:56:56
1 I dug out of this ancient computer book (Upgrading and Repairing PCs
2 12th Ed.) this relic technology of the Null Modem Cable. It's a
3 twisted Parallel Cable that allows 2 PCs to almost literally talk to
4 each other. So, I found in the depths of some old computer hardware
5 box this old Symantec null modem cable, plugged it between my X40 and
6 XP Desktop, and hoped for the best. I was able to configure XP as the
7 host with no difficulties, however, I'm not sure what to do about
8 Linux. I'm looking though Kuroo for things about Null Modems, but I'd
9 imagine there's a more command-line friendly way to do this, since I
10 am very much pro-command line.
12 I know there's always a way to dump commands into LPT1 and pray it
13 doesn't call the NSA, but I think there's a more elegant way to do
14 this. The reason why I decided to play with this relic of computer
15 communications technology was because it said that it had the capacity
16 to run at 2MB/sec, which is faster than my networking... or at least
17 faster than my networking behaves. I want to shell out about $50 and
18 get some gigabit ethernet junk from Frys one of these days, (I can
19 roll my own Cat5e, so it's not a difficult thing) but I just wanted to
20 test out this null modem stuff.
22 I honestly am harbouring delusions of using the faster null modem
23 stuff to directly sync my laptop with a future Linux CVS/Web server,
24 so that I can have a update of the whole smash in my laptop once a
25 day, rather than waiting for a slow internet connection remotely.
26 It's just an idea I'm playing around with, and playing around is good
27 (99% of the time, anyways).
29 Thanks for any suggestions of where to start looking. I'll also be
30 grepping (sorry, googling) through the Gentoo Wiki, however I don't
31 expect I'd find anything in there, at least directly related.
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