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From: Arve Barsnes <arve.barsnes@×××××.com>
To: gentoo-user@l.g.o
Subject: Re: [gentoo-user] x11-base/xorg-x11 masked
Date: Tue, 04 Oct 2022 08:02:51
In Reply to: [gentoo-user] x11-base/xorg-x11 masked by ""
1 On Tue, 4 Oct 2022 at 08:41, wkuz@××.pl <wkuz@××.pl> wrote:
2 >
3 > Hello everyone!
4 > Upon upgrade, portage told me that x11-base/xorg-x11 is masked and will
5 > be removed from the repo on November 1st. I thought "ok, why not do it
6 > now", so I have typed:
7 > # emerge -W x11-base/xorg-x11
8 > # emerge -cav
9 > and there was a surprise (not a pleasant one). Since xorg-x11 is a
10 > metapackage it pulled so many things I would like to have still here.
11 > Is there any reasonable way to put all those packages to my world file,
12 > so I can easily remove xorg-x11 without deleting half of my desktop
13 > apps?
15 Are you sure that you would miss any of them? From the lists on the
16 bugs posted by Holger here, it seems like most of it are small
17 specialised tools used for specific needs. If you don't know that you
18 explicitly use them, you probably don't.
20 The proposed meta package for the to-be-removed fonts is a different
21 matter, but I don't know how much use those fonts get in practice,
22 might be worth following that bug for info.
24 Regards,
25 Arve