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Subject: [gentoo-user] Got myself in a bind unmerging portage
Date: Mon, 17 Dec 2007 02:46:45
1 It all started like this: Using rsync I was getting an error when
2 ever I used the `--stats' flag. The output said it was an error in
3 the stack ... Rather than mess with it, I thought I might take the
4 opportunity to sync portage and see if a newer rsync was available.
6 Its been a mnth or so since I synced.
8 At the end of the sync I got the notice about emerging a new
9 portage... so did so.
11 But then when I attempted to emerg rsync I got some errors I'd never
12 seen before:
14 --------------------------- ACCESS VIOLATION SUMMARY ---------------------------
15 LOG FILE = "/var/log/sandbox/sandbox-14253.log"
17 open_rd: /root/.bash_history
18 open_rd: /root/.bash_history
19 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
21 What was shown there is absolutely all that is in the log and there
22 are no others at that location.
24 Looking at /root/.bash_history I saw nothing wrong. Its permissions
25 were 600... but just incase I set it to 644 but it didn't help.
27 Since these were (To me) unusual errors I thought maybe I should back
28 out the portage update.
30 Foolishly I ran emerge -vC portage before thinking about it much.
32 I was deeply embroiled in some perl programming is my only excuse
33 other than deep seated stupidity.
35 But cutting to the chase: Now of course many of the portage tools were
36 rm'ed before the emerge -vC failed here:
38 [...]
39 --- !empty dir /usr
40 --- !empty dir /etc/portage
41 --- !empty dir /etc/logrotate.d
42 --- !empty dir /etc/env.d
43 --- !empty dir /etc
44 [portage-2.1.4_rc10] bash: /usr/lib/portage/bin/ No such file or directory
45 !!! FAILED postrm: 127
47 So very basic stuff is missing.
49 emerge is one of the tools now missing
51 I thought maybe I could download portage and compile it manually but
52 it appears not to really be made to be used like that.
54 At least looking in the unpacked top level directory I don't see the
55 familiar signs of a gnu sources package like ./configure and such. It
56 does have a ready made emerge at ./bin/emerge but running it seems to
57 indicate it is looking in the wrong places for stuff and isn't going
58 to be usefull without some more skilled technician than me.
60 What are my choices here... is the only one to use the livecd and
61 emerge portage from there? Or is there such a thing as a sources
62 package of portage arranged for a stand alone compile job.
64 All I could find was the distfile..
66 --
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