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From: Mark David Dumlao <madumlao@×××××.com>
To: gentoo-user@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-user] What use flags/build settings should I use to get audio CDs to play in totem?
Date: Tue, 21 Apr 2009 19:09:57
2 I have spent the past 3 hours reading mail archives on gentoo-user
3 about, erm, certain sensitive people and topics and their feelings
4 about cd software. In fact I am *still* reading. I realize, though,
5 that it would probably be much faster to parallelize my information
6 gathering by directly asking the group.
8 Hi Gentoo-user!
9 I just recently discovered some of my old video game CDs (FYI: Might
10 and Magic 6-8) that have mixed data and audio tracks. I am a GNOME
11 user. Unfortunately, as I put the CD on, I got GNOME errors saying
12 "unable to mount audio CD". hmm-hmm, sounds trivial enough.
14 I do a grep on use.desc and use.local.desc for cd stuff and I see cdda
15 as a use flag. Google calls it CD Digital Audio, so my brain connects
16 says "sounds like the guy". Hastily I add it to my make.conf and
17 emerge -uDNtav world, see cdda pop up in some places, and press enter.
18 Later after dinnertime I notice the compiling's done, so I pop in the
19 game CD to see if audio CD is alright.
21 Joy! GNOME shows two icons on the desktop when I put the CD in. One
22 obviously shows the data track, labeled "MM7_Disk2" or something
23 similar. The other says "audio CD", which, when double clicked, shows
24 me a cdda://sr0/ URL opened in Nautilus, with a bunch of files from
25 Track 2.wav to Track 20.wav.
27 Now, here's the issue: I can drag the files from the window to another
28 folder and they get, intuitively, ripped from the CD as wav files
29 which play. But when I try to play them in totem, I get nothing.
30 Specifically, totem says:
31 ---
32 totem cdda://sr0/
33 ** Message: Error: A Audio CD source plugin is required to play this
34 stream, but not installed.
35 gstplaybasebin.c(1673): gen_source_element (): /GstPlayBin:play:
36 No URI handler for cdda
38 ** Message: Missing plugin: gstreamer|0.10|totem|Audio CD
39 source|urisource-cdda (Audio CD source)
40 ** Message: Automatic missing codec installation not supported (helper
41 script missing)
42 ** Message: Error: A Audio CD source plugin is required to play this
43 stream, but not installed.
44 ---
46 Popup:
47 "The playback of this movie requires a Audio CD source plugin which is
48 not installed"
49 ---
50 Also, the Movie->Play Disc 'Audio Disc'
51 is grayed out.
53 My rhythmbox also now sees my audio CD's tracks 2 and above (which
54 makes sense), but plays painful static when I double click on the
55 tracks.
57 vlc gives me the same static on tracks 2 and above.
59 Clearly, I'm only getting somewhere half-right here. I want to be able
60 to play CD audio from mixed audio/data disks and I can get both data
61 and audio to appear. I can also rip the audio from the disks
62 themselves, which works fine. So all that seems to be missing is
63 getting my desktop apps to play the CD from the disks, and I am just
64 suspecting (as reported by my apps) that one of my plugins is missing
65 or wrong.
67 Thinking it's a gstreamer thing, here's my gst-plugins search:
69 ---
70 madumlao@trixie ~/Might and Magic 7 $ eix gst-plugins cd
71 * media-plugins/gst-plugins-cdio
72 Available versions: (0.10) 0.10.8 (~)0.10.10 (~)0.10.11
73 Homepage:
74 Description: plugin for gstreamer
76 [I] media-plugins/gst-plugins-cdparanoia
77 Available versions: (0.10) 0.10.14 0.10.20 (~)0.10.21 (~)0.10.22
78 Installed versions: 0.10.22(0.10)(09:27:01 PHT Sunday, 12 April, 2009)
79 Homepage:
80 Description: plugin for gstreamer
81 madumlao@trixie ~/Might and Magic 7 $ eix cdparanoia
82 [I] media-plugins/gst-plugins-cdparanoia
83 Available versions: (0.10) 0.10.14 0.10.20 (~)0.10.21 (~)0.10.22
84 Installed versions: 0.10.22(0.10)(09:27:01 PHT Sunday, 12 April, 2009)
85 Homepage:
86 Description: plugin for gstreamer
88 [I] media-sound/cdparanoia
89 Available versions: 3.10_pre2 ~3.10.2-r2
90 Installed versions: 3.10_pre2(12:58:56 PHT Monday, 13 October, 2008)
91 Homepage:
92 Description: an advanced CDDA reader with error correction
93 ---
94 It would seem to me that cdparanoia should be the one doing the job of
95 reading audio CDs for my gstreamer-based apps, and there seems to be a
96 gst-plugin for it, which is installed. But apparently whatever they're
97 doing is not turning out right, and whatever nautilus is doing when
98 copying tracks seems to be turning out okay.
100 Just in advance, peace and flowers and hugs and puppies and ice cream
101 to the readers. :D But here's what my system says about cdrkit /
102 cdrtools:
103 madumlao@trixie ~/Might and Magic 7 $ eix cdrtools
104 * app-cdr/cdrtools
105 Available versions: 2.01.01_alpha34 2.01.01_alpha51
106 (~)2.01.01_alpha53 (~)2.01.01_alpha57-r1 {acl unicode}
107 Homepage:
108 Description: A set of tools for CD/DVD reading and
109 recording, including cdrecord
111 madumlao@trixie ~/Might and Magic 7 $ eix -n cdrkit
112 [I] app-cdr/cdrkit
113 Available versions: 1.1.6 1.1.8 1.1.9 {hfs kernel_FreeBSD
114 kernel_linux unicode}
115 Installed versions: 1.1.9(06:05:41 PHT Monday, 09 February,
116 2009)(kernel_linux unicode -hfs -kernel_FreeBSD)
117 Homepage:
118 Description: A set of tools for CD/DVD reading and
119 recording, including cdrecord
121 and that's that. :)
123 What should I be looking for?


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