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From: "David M. Fellows" <fellows@×××.ca>
To: gentoo-user@l.g.o, Dale <rdalek1967@×××××.com>
Subject: Re: [gentoo-user] flash plugin in seamonkey, user problem
Date: Fri, 04 Nov 2016 01:22:09
In Reply to: Re: [gentoo-user] flash plugin in seamonkey, user problem by Dale
1 >Neil Bothwick wrote:
2 >> On Thu, 3 Nov 2016 01:25:14 -0500, Dale wrote:
3 >>
4 >>> [I--] [??] www-plugins/adobe-flash-
5 >>> [IP-] [ ] www-plugins/adobe-flash-
6 >>
7 >>> Don't ask me
8 >>> how two versions can be installed at the same time tho. I dunno. I
9 >>> don't think it is supposed to do that for this package tho.
10 >> They are in different slots, notice the slot number at the end of the
11 >> atom, slot 0 for the older one and slot 22 for the newer one.
12 >>
13 >> You clearly don't have the older slot in @world or it would have been
14 >> updated, the only slot 0 version in the tree is so I would
15 >> have expected depclean to remove this if it were no longer needed.
16 >>
17 >>
18 >
19 >
20 >That explains it. I didn't even think about the slots. I wasn't
21 >expecting it I guess. I just wonder how long I been using that old
22 >package instead of the new one.
24 To reiterate:
25 If you are using firefox and friends and relations, eg. seamonkey,
26 then you *need* to explictly emerge adobe-flash:0 so that it gets added
27 to your @world set.
29 If you are using chromium
30 then you should explicitly emerge adobe-flash:22
32 Unless you are on amd_64 architcture and want to dig into installing the
33 freshplayerplugin firefox cannot use and will not recognize the flash
34 plugin provided by adobe-flash:22.
36 flash is a soft runtime dependency of firefox. Portage does not seem to
37 track the dependencies.
39 If you originally installed adobe-flash prior to the recent slotting
40 it will be in your world set as just adobe-flash.
41 Portage will diligently update this to the latest version as it comes along.
42 They will be the slot 22 versions. It does not automatically remove the
43 slot:0.
44 So firefox will use the aging slot:0 version resulting in the pesky warnings.
45 If you do a depclean emerge will remove the slot 0 version as unneeded which
46 leaves a firefox user with no flash.
48 See
50 Last, but not least, all of the above statements are likely to become
51 false in the forseeable future due to the fact that Adobe has changed its
52 mind about how it supports flash on Linux and Gentoo will have to change its
53 packaging in some way.
55 >At least I got rid of that pesky warning on every single video I tried
56 >to watch. That thing is annoying, which I guess is the point.
58 Yes, and deservedly so.
60 DaveF
61 >
62 >Dale
63 >
64 >:-) :-)
65 >