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Subject: [gentoo-user] ftp server software which supports a control connection?
Date: Sun, 07 Sep 2008 02:45:30
1 Hello. I am looking for an FTP server software that let me monitor the
2 ftp activities on my notebook. Both server and the notebook runs Gentoo
3 Linux except the server doesn't have any X11 related stuff. The reason I
4 want to do this is because I offer my users file to download and I often
5 need to monitor what they are doing to make sure they gets connected.
6 This is especially useful when doing support on the phone, I can call my
7 user and instruct him to download file, at the meantime see he logged in
8 and doing the right thing.
10 I used pure-ftpd and pureadmin (a GUI for monitoring pure-ftpd).
11 Pureadmin has every feature I need (see who is logged in, see
12 activities) but it has to be run AFAIK on the same computer that runs
13 ftp server.
15 I used filezilla server which let me control it through a control
16 connection and see activities, but the server software doesn't have a
17 Linux version.
19 I used pro-ftpd and didn't see the option for it's GUI manager to
20 connect to a remote server.
22 What software in Linux world can do this?
24 As I am monitoring ftp through a wireless LAN which max at 300KB/s,
25 running X11-forwarding is not comfortable. running a desktop session on
26 the server and run vnc seems overkill.
28 Thanks for hints in advance!
30 Best regards


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