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From: Michael Mol <mikemol@×××××.com>
To: gentoo-user@l.g.o
Subject: Re: [gentoo-user] The mess that's called KDEPIM 4.7 ...
Date: Fri, 30 Dec 2011 14:20:20
In Reply to: Re: [gentoo-user] The mess that's called KDEPIM 4.7 ... by Mick
1 Mick wrote:
2 > On Friday 30 Dec 2011 13:02:33 Alex Schuster wrote:
3 >> Mick writes:
4 >>> For now I have masked KDEPIM 4.7 on all of my remaining boxen. This is
5 >>> too messy to have to fix more than once, if I can fix it at all that is!
6 >>>
7 >>> The only thing that's keeping me from mutt is the zillion shortcut
8 >>> commands that I need to learn ... old dog/new tricks and all that.
9 >>
10 >> Claws is okay, except that it does not work with maildirs, the is some
11 >> import script or something to convert this to mbox format.
12 >> Thunderbird also is a decent mail program.
13 >
14 > I have tried Claws (although I did not like mbox) and found myself cursing
15 > after every other key press. I also tried T'bird and found it better than
16 > Claws, but worse than Kmail. It's not just keyboard short cuts, but also how
17 > it integrates with the address book, pgp and s/mime, etc.
18 >
19 > I started looking into getting used to mutt again. Not sure how I can modify
20 > its shortcuts, because some them are not intuitive enough for me and some are
21 > duplicated/redundant.
23 On a Windows box where I need to be conscientious about memory usage,
24 I've started using Seamonkey instead of Thunderbird+Chrome. If you can
25 find Thunderbird tolerable, Seamonkey isn't far off. The browser side
26 got some long-needed TLC earlier this year with the release of 2.5, so
27 it's functional on the modern Internet. It still needs more work[1], but
28 it handles most of my web needs, now.
30 I haven't tried it on Gentoo yet, and I don't know if or when I will;
31 none of my Gentoo boxes (four out of eight! Whee!) are low on memory yet.
33 It also comes with an "address book" component that's somehow viewed on
34 the same tier as its browser, email, calendar and IRC client
35 component[2]...I'd guess it's worth a try, at least.
37 [1] It's got some issues with blocking the UI thread on things that
38 should be background operations, and it has some weird glitches when I
39 load up GMail--which I only do for my address book there...
41 [2] Seamonkey is the descendant of the old Mozilla suite. The IRC client
42 is still called "Chatzilla". Perhaps there's a way to turn off the
43 components you don't need in the ebuild.