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From: allan gottlieb <gottlieb@×××.edu>
To: gentoo-user@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-user] --depclean and sys-devel/gcc
Date: Fri, 10 Aug 2018 02:49:51
I run a stable system so am surprised to see that eix reports
I have gcc version ~7.3.0-r3 installed.  (gcc-config -l reports
that stable x86_64-pc-linux-gnu-6.4.0 is the active compiler)

More surprising is that
   emerge --depclean --pretend sys-devel/gcc
wants to remove everything *except* the testing/nonstable 7.3.0-r3

grep -r gcc /etc/portage
has no hits.

@system and several installed packages require gcc but all would be
satisfied by stable 6.4.0-r1 my active compiler

# emerge --depclean --verbose --pretend sys-devel/gcc

Calculating dependencies... done!
  sys-devel/gcc-7.3.0-r3 pulled in by:
    @system requires sys-devel/gcc
    dev-java/icedtea-bin-3.6.0 requires >=sys-devel/gcc-5.4.0
    net-libs/webkit-gtk-2.20.4 requires >=sys-devel/gcc-4.9
    sys-devel/llvm-4.0.1-r1 requires >=sys-devel/gcc-3.0
    sys-devel/llvm-5.0.2 requires >=sys-devel/gcc-3.0
    sys-devel/llvm-6.0.1 requires >=sys-devel/gcc-3.0
    sys-libs/glibc-2.26-r7 requires >=sys-devel/gcc-4.9

>>> These are the packages that would be unmerged:
sys-devel/gcc selected: 4.9.3 4.9.4 5.4.0-r3 6.4.0-r1 protected: none omitted: 7.3.0-r3 Am I supposed to emerge --unmerge =sys-devel/gcc-7.3.0-r3 ? thanks in advance, allan PS I moved some months ago to the 17.0 profile and did the make --emptytree @world


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