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From: Jarry <mr.jarry@×××××.com>
To: gentoo-user@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-user] reboot: something renaming sub-directory in /var/run???
Date: Sat, 15 Dec 2012 19:41:52
1 Hi Gentoo-users, I have strange problem:
3 "Something" is renaming /var/run/teamspeak3-server into
4 /var/run/teamspeak3 in every reboot! Maybe it has something
5 to do with udev/openrc/baselayout2, I do not know.
6 This is what happens:
8 I installed teamspeak3-server-bin. It creates (appart from
9 other files/dirs) /var/run/teamspeak3-server for pid-file
10 as it can be found in /etc/init.d/teamspeak3-server:
12 start-stop-daemon --start --quiet --background \
13 --pidfile "/var/run/teamspeak3-server/" <snip>
15 I can start & stop server as usually and everything works
16 as expected, *as long as I do not restart server*. If I do,
17 after reboot there is no /var/run/teamspeak3-server, but
18 only /var/run/teamspeak3. Now when I try to start ts3-server,
19 it complains:
21 start-stop-daemon: fopen '/var/run/teamspeak3-server/':
22 No such file or directory
24 Now what the hell is going on? What (and why?) is renaming
25 /var/run/teamspeak3-server into /var/run/teamspeak3 during
26 every restart?
28 /run is on tmpfs but I think it should be saved & restored
29 during restart without any change or lost, or am I wrong?
30 Something is apparently broken, but I do not know what...
32 Jarry
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