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Subject: [gentoo-user] Are some-cvs items synced with actual cvs often?
Date: Tue, 20 May 2008 14:38:12
1 I'm curious how some-cvs type packages work.
3 In particular emacs-cvs. I'm running what gentoo tells me is
4 emacs-23.0.9999.
6 I have certain font problems that judging by following the emacs-dev
7 list are now somewhat dealt with in current cvs.
9 AFter running `emerge --sync' I see that emacs-cvs still shows
10 emacs-23.0.9999. And no update needed
12 When I run emacs command M-x version it shows emacs-23.0.60
14 I think there have been changes in the head of emacs-23 cvs. So how
15 do I determine if I'm running the latest cvs?
17 I used to build my own emacs-cvs and update from cvs as needed but
18 was told I ought to let gentoo handle that by installing emacs-cvs.
19 That emacs-cvs thru gentoo would accomplish the same thing but would
20 keep my OS up on what its running.
22 Now I want to know how closely portage emas-cvs follows the cvs tree.
23 Is it linked directly to it or is there some delay where gentoo does
24 whatever to the package?
26 --
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