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From: "Alan E. Davis" <lngndvs@×××××.com>
To: gentoo-user@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-user] A few questions on trying to install
Date: Mon, 21 Jul 2008 05:47:04
1 Having been (mostly happily) using Ubuntu for a number of months I
2 yearn to install Gentoo again. Tried a beta release of Gentoo 2008.0,
3 and was pleased, at least to be able to boot and not have the
4 confusion about naming HDDs, and using Grub was simpler. Now, as I
5 approach the Live CD installer (AMD64) some problems are keeping me at
6 bay.
8 Now, however, I've tried three or four times to install on an existing
9 partition. Grub will not install over the ubuntu grub, or else
10 something else is crazy. After a 2 hour preparation the last time
11 around, emerging the extra packages, the system just stopped, and when
12 at long last I finally rebooted, it was back to Ubuntu.
14 May I ask a few questions?
16 - Live CD only installs over a clean partition. How can I resume
17 an installation?
19 - I only have a unsupported atheros wifi card for connection. I've
20 been using it for years. No easy way to connect by wire. Any ideas?
22 - I have an 80GB fast SATA drive and three slower 7000 RPM drives.
23 What partitions are best kept on the fast drive to maximize
24 performance (I have basically an all purpose workstation). My /home
25 will be about 100GB: is it wiser to split it up into a smaller core
26 /home with several slower archive and storage partitions (Library,
27 Project archives, Videos, Music)?
29 - Advice about UUIDs? I lost a partition (a large one) over a
30 misidentification of a partition when the Ubuntu scheme started
31 swapping around names of devices. Old /dev/hda became /dev/sda and
32 old /dev/sda became /dev/sdb. What a mess that turned out to be.
34 For now this will be enough.
36 Alan


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