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From: Mateusz Kowalczyk <fuuzetsu@×××××××××××.uk>
To: gentoo-user@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-user] Weird graphical glitches after world update
Date: Thu, 21 Nov 2013 15:10:32
1 Greetings,
3 I spent a chunk of yesterday updating world on my machines (2 file
4 servers and 1 netbook) and with some effort, the updates went through. I
5 had to go out today so I rebooted my netbook and I started noticing
6 weird graphical glitches in certain applications, as if parts of the
7 screen weren't updating, namely in urxvt and emacs. In urxvt, my shell
8 prompt seems to not render the cursor and often keeps the letters I
9 remove still on the prompt (only graphically, they aren't actually
10 there). This is extremely annoying.
12 It's also terrible in emacs: cursor sometimes doesn't get rendered and I
13 get tons of artefacts from different buffers when I switch or from text
14 I was editing. You can find an example image of such glitches in emacs
15 at [1]. This is absolutely tragic for me as I spend majority of my time
16 in emacs. I'd like to note that I'm running emacs in a graphical frame
17 and not in a terminal.
19 I'm unsure whether this is the case in my other machines as they are
20 headless and don't even have X.
22 The issue is weird however: firefox and thunderbird are fine, they don't
23 suffer any such glitches. I can also make the glitches go away by
24 ‘refreshing’ my screen with use of xrandr, such as telling xrandr to
25 change my settings to what they currently are, which should technically
26 be a no-op but well, it seems that it does it anyway.
28 Oh, I should mention that I did not update my kernel
29 Linux misaki 3.9.0-rc6 #1 SMP Tue Apr 9 10:51:07 BST 2013 i686 Intel(R)
30 Core(TM)2 Duo CPU L7700 @ 1.80GHz GenuineIntel GNU/Linux
32 I am truly lost as to how to troubleshoot this. I provide links to some
33 of my system information below:
38 Please feel free to request any information. I hope someone can aid me
39 as this basically renders my shell and emacs useless and they are the
40 two things I absolutely need. Even getting my logs was difficult with
41 such broken setup.
43 Thanks.
45 [1]:
46 --
47 Mateusz K.


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