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Subject: Re: [gentoo-user] Re: Is gnome becoming obligatory?
Date: Tue, 12 Dec 2017 20:11:58
In Reply to: Re: [gentoo-user] Re: Is gnome becoming obligatory? by Alan Mackenzie
1 On 12/12/17 18:55, Alan Mackenzie wrote:
2 > You seem to know systemd reasonably well - maybe you've got it
3 > installed and you're using it. Please tell me whether my suspicion
4 > above (that systemd builds stuff into the system that is likely to be
5 > superfluous to a user, and possibly forces its use on its users) is well
6 > founded.
8 If you want to "check things out", it's a lot easier to check out an
9 *init system built on systemd* than one built on SysVInit. Dunno about
10 OpenRC.
12 Yes, systemd itself is a lot bigger than init itself. Yes, systemd plus
13 service files is smaller (MUCH smaller) than the equivalent init plus
14 scripts.
16 The other big "problem" that many people moan about is that systemd
17 takes over things like system time, system name, cron, etc etc etc. But
18 having dealt with a whole variety of linux and unix systems, it's nice
19 to know that systemd has standardised where the host name is stored.
20 It's nice to know that how to set system time is standard across
21 distros. Cron? Well the whole point of systemd is to start services as
22 required, and cron merely starts services as required where "as
23 required" is defined by time, so why not merge the two?
25 The big problem, as I see it, with systemd is that if the boot fails for
26 any reason it dumps you into a rescue shell. I prefer the old behaviour
27 of dumping you into a running system with broken services. But given the
28 choice I'd much rather have neither! :-)
30 On my SuSE (systemd) laptop, I have a bunch of problems, of which
31 systemd is minor. The network won't resume properly after suspend
32 (nothing to do with systemd afaict), the video driver is broken and I
33 suspect that is what drives system load over 6 (on a dual-core system)
34 so response time is measured in minutes. The screen itself stops working
35 at random. All that I suspect is down to a broken i915 or whatever it is
36 Intel driver (which has a bad rep in the kernel - a nightmare seeing as
37 it seems to be the default Intel laptop video setup :-( etc etc.
39 The two big problems I really can lay at systemd's feet is that the boot
40 occasionally fails and says "dumping you into plymouth console" but
41 doesn't - this goes away with a reboot ... hey reboots aren't supposed
42 to fix problems in linux!, and Windows has this infuriating habit of
43 ignoring my command to shutdown, instead suspending to disk. As my
44 Windows partitions automount in linux, this causes the mount to fail,
45 and systemd won't boot the system. So I spend/waste half an hour trying
46 to force Windows to shut down properly!
48 Cheers,
49 Wol


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