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From: Andrew Lowe <agl@×××××××.au>
To: gentoo-user@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-user] The saga of the missing Logitech drivers
Date: Fri, 31 Jan 2020 17:42:31
1 Hi all,
2 I posted something a few days ago about middle click of a mouse not
3 working. In investigating this, I think I have come across something a
4 bit dodgy.
6 I have just updated my kernel to 5.5.0. This has the dodgy behaviour of
7 the middle button not working. A bit of Googling led me to reboot my
8 machine with an older kernel, 5.4.14. The middle button worked. The
9 kernel is the problem I thought. I in turn diff'd the configs for the
10 two kernels. 5.4.14 has 7 lines of Logitech stuff under CONFIG_HID_.
11 5.5.0 has none. The Logitech stuff appears in the 5.5.0 kernel if I
12 search within the kernel config thingy, "make menuconfig". It should be
13 noted that I usually roll my old config file over into the new kernel
14 then run "make oldconfig".
16 "make menuconfig" under 5.5.0 shows, in my situation, Device
17 Drivers->HID support->Special HID drivers:
19 ...
20 ...
21 Kensington...
22 LC-Power
23 Lenovo...
24 Apple Magic...
25 Maltron...
26 ...
27 ...
29 Under 5.4.14 there would have been a Logitech between Lenovo & Magic Mouse
31 With this in mind, I deleted the current config file, the one based on
32 5.4.14 with "make oldconfig" and missing Logitech and then reran "make
33 menuconfig". Working my way down to the mouse drivers, lo & behold,
34 there are entries for the Logitech mice. When I exit "make menuconfig"
35 and look at the .config file, the Logitech stuff is there.
37 Now the big questions are:
39 1) Is "make oldconfig" broken?
40 2) Can I no longer take my old config across and update it?
41 3) Am I a dill and doing something obviously wrong?
43 I don't want to have to start from a fresh config file and weed out all
44 the %^&^$^#^# stuff I don't need, all of the weird network cards, the
45 Intel CPU stuf, I run AMD, etc etc.
47 Any thoughts on how to rectify this situation would be greatly appreciated,
49 Andrew


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