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From: Daevid Vincent <daevid@××××××.com>
To: gentoo-user@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-user] System doesn't finish booting. Gentoo took a crap on my face.
Date: Thu, 21 Jul 2005 21:22:01
1 UGH. I did an "emerge -Davu world" yesterday on my notebook (Dell i8200),
2 and everything went fine. I did the etc-updates afterwards. I even stopped
3 X-windows and started again and it launched just fine. I worked the rest of
4 the day and halted as usual. Today when I turned on my notebook my startup
5 doesn't complete?!
7 I don't have networking (net.eth0 or net.ath0) on by default because for
8 whatever lame-ass reason, if there is no network available or plugged in,
9 Gentoo isn't smart enough (like RedHat or WindowsXP) to just continue on...
10 Anyways, the point being I can't ssh in.
12 The screen looks a bit different today too... I run frame-buffer 1600x1200,
13 so at the top is the normal colorized:
15 * Setting system clock to hardware clock [Local Time]...
16 [ OK ]
18 But then after that line, they look like this, but in only gray:
20 * Starting service hdparm
21 * Starting service pcmcia
22 [ !! ]
24 * FAILED to start service pcmcia!
25 * Starting service keymaps
26 * Starting service bootmisc
27 ...
28 Notice how they don't have the [ OK ] on the far right edge like all the
29 ones above this point, and they USED to be that way yesterday. The only
30 bracketted indicatiors are the [ !! ] ones and there are only a few: I8k
31 service, lisa service, and nntpd -- nothing that is critical to boot.
33 There are about 40 more lines of "* Starting/Service blah" and it gets all
34 the way down to:
35 ...
36 * Service aumix started OK
37 * Service postfix started OK
38 * Service coldplug started OK
39 * Service shorewall started OK
41 Then that's it. No login prompt. If I switch VTs, I just have a blinking
42 cursor at the top.
44 I can only CTRL+ALT+DEL and that does a reboot.
46 My kernel is the same I've used for many months: 2.6.10-r6
48 I've gone into grub via the menu and taken off all kernel parameters not
49 needed to boot. Still no joy. I did notice that the [ !! ] is lined on the
50 far right of the screen. I'm guessing that's the 80 column point. I also
51 added 'single' to kernel boot string in grub, but that didn't help.
53 Looking through the services starting up, there is one called "* Starting
54 service rmnologin"
56 So. I'm fscked at the moment. Ideas?
59 --
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