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Subject: [gentoo-user] slow x
Date: Mon, 28 Jun 2010 19:23:40
Message-Id: 20100628192613.GA3851@localhost
1 hi all!
3 My x is a bit slow. Lets say I have a minimized
4 web browser with a page with pictures and text.
5 If I maximize it, the drawing of the page and
6 the widgets doesn't happen instantly, but it
7 takes a moment.
8 I tried ubuntu livecd, and this test was much
9 faster, I didn't recognize any problem.
10 dri is working, I tried playing openarena, so
11 I think my x is configured correctly, maybe it's
12 some kind of kernel or USE flag problem.
13 Any of you experienced similap problem?
15 Where should I put emerge --info output? Here or
16 pastebin?
18 I have a radeon 7500 , 512MB of RAM, 1,5GHz AMD
19 and fluxbox, 1.6.5-r1 x server.
21 Thanks for reading...
22 bendeguz


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