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From: James <wireless@×××××××××××.com>
To: gentoo-user@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-user] Mesos update
Date: Mon, 13 Apr 2015 16:09:38
1 I recently ran across this wonderfully concise intro to mesos [1].
2 mesos.0.2.ebuild was posted to BGO-510912. I'm still looking for
3 a home for these "hacked" ebuilds, related to a clustering theme,
4 if anyone has any suggestions. Perhaps a gentoo wiki page pointing
5 to the various locations of (mesos) compatible ebuild?
7 Cisco is now pushing mesos with ansible (very cool project) [2]. Cisco
8 is promoting an opensource approach to microservices using ansible.
10 Zookeeper, spark, mesos, consul and many other codes that are part of the
11 clustering codes, can be found in portage, various overlays and
12 BGO. /usr/portage/sys-cluster/ is a quick list of what is in the tree. Folks can
13 drop me some email if there is some software that they are interested in for
14 gentoo based clusters. There is a growing interest among many folks that use
15 gentoo, so maybe we can reconstitute the gentoo cluster herd or collect up
16 around some repo location, or just "club it up" in an overlay repo somewhere?
19 There are other truly exciting codes, like apache-storm, that
20 hold great promise for what gentoo based clusters and linux based cloud
21 services (or microservices) will be able to offer. It is exciting to see
22 gentoo positioned very well as one of the best platforms (minus java) for
23 innovation as we witness a myriad of devices all beginning to share video
24 and services, in an almost seamless fashion. Clusters will be the engine
25 that drives this convergence, imho. Marketing type refer to this as
26 the "Internet of things". I'm also looking for suggestions on a new
27 "Android phone" or a linux based phone (T mobile or Sprint), where
28 you have the ability to updated the Android OS, without extraordinary
29 measures. One that could be rooted or running SeLinux, would be keen.
32 Some example apps that are open source for studying, as I'm quite
33 new to the app. developemnt cycle, and prefer to use gentoo for this
34 sort of development work.
36 Many large corporations are taking a keen interest in Apache (mesos +
37 spark). Cisco just strikes me as both odd and validation of apache-mesos.
40 hth,
41 James
44 [1]
46 open-source-datacenter-computing-apache-mesos
48 [2]
50 blob/0.2.0/CHANGELOG.rst