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From: meino.cramer@×××.de
To: Gentoo <gentoo-user@l.g.o>
Subject: [gentoo-user] [OT] Still pproblems with window placement
Date: Wed, 23 Sep 2009 01:47:18
Message-Id: 20090923014714.GA5914@solfire
1 Hi,
3 I asked the openbox mailing list before but still get no answer...
5 I am using openbox (I came from icewm, but this project seems to
6 be in hibernation state).
8 Problem:
9 I am using blender a lot. When blender is doing its rendering task
10 I am switching to another desktop doing different things.
11 When Blender finished, its rendering window appears on the desktop
12 I am currently on AND the blender main panel jumps also to this
13 desktop.
14 This converts the sense of multiple desktops into its opposite.
16 Then I installed devilspie: Now Blender and its child window always
17 starts on desktop 2 -- even if I want to start more then one instance
18 of blender, which again is different from the flexibility multiple
19 desktops offer to the user.
21 Openbox seems to offer an similiar possibility, but the blender
22 windows were not recognized by that mechanism.
24 Is there any way to bind child windows of an application to the
25 desktop, where there parent windows were started and NOT to a
26 certain fixed desktop?
28 Thank you very much for any help in advance!
29 Keep hacking!
30 mcc
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34 unless it's absolutely neccessary. - Send simply Text.
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