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From: Peter Humphrey <peter@××××××××××××.uk>
To: gentoo-user@l.g.o, kdepim-users@×××.org
Subject: [gentoo-user] KMail and KDE-plasma: a tale of woe
Date: Mon, 02 Jan 2017 10:51:53
Message-Id: 1827615.gZgoKEWjBt@peak
1 Hello lists,
3 (I've sent this to both gentoo-user and kdepim-users as being relevant in
4 both lists - I'm using kde-apps/kmail-16.12.0-r1 on Gentoo.)
6 Well, I think I can finally emerge from a long battle to get KMail working.
7 It's been uphill all the way - except for the frequent slips backwards to
8 start abain. (I still don't have spell checking, as you see.)
10 The main problem has been to recover archived e-mails, which sounds simple
11 enough as I always keep a week of daily archives on a different partition,
12 but it wasn't. The routine would go like this:
14 1. Set up KMail the way I like it, but on an empty message set. Save the
15 arrangement for use next time.
16 2. Import the latest archive to a temporary folder.
17 3. Mark all the imported messages as read and move each folder into position
18 under Local Folders. Delete the temporary folder.
19 4. Restore all the filters.
20 5. Cross fingers and fetch new mail (POP as my ISP doesn't offer IMAP).
21 6. KMail goes haywire. It re-creates the temporary folder and proceeds to
22 fill it with duplicates of all the existing messages. All those duplicates
23 prevent me from making a new archive until I clear them all out,
24 painstakingly (yes, I did actually check several thousand e-mails for
25 uniqueness).
26 7. Sigh. Delete the temporary folder again and have another go. Same result.
27 8. Give up and start again.
29 Latterly, it changed slightly and sent all those duplicates to the sent-mail
30 folder instead of creating a new folder for them. I think this coincided
31 with me using a different archive file from the previous day.
33 In the end I used Ark to extract the sent-mail directory from the archive
34 and save it as a simple directory structure under
35 "./.Local", then delete what I'd extracted from the
36 archive. Then the import went smoothly in two stages: sent-mail, and
37 everything else.
39 I lost count of the times I rebooted durning the whole struggle, but it may
40 well have reached 100. To omit a reboot was to risk the next step going
41 wrong. That's compounded by having to start KMail twice each time, because
42 the first time, it shows a progress bar stuck at 0% with no indication of
43 what is supposed to be in progress. This may be connected with the
44 segmentation faults I still see sometimes on shutdown; it's hard to be sure.
46 Let's hope for some stability now. I still feel as though I'm walking on
47 eggshells.
49 --
50 Regards
51 Peter


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