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From: Mick <michaelkintzios@×××××.com>
To: gentoo-user@l.g.o
Subject: Re: [gentoo-user] kdepim-4.6.0 woes
Date: Tue, 21 Jun 2011 07:04:43
In Reply to: [gentoo-user] kdepim-4.6.0 woes by Alan McKinnon
1 On Tuesday 21 Jun 2011 00:40:47 Alan McKinnon wrote:
2 > Before, I beginning, I need dox, not solutions :-)
3 >
4 > I'm having the devil's own time with kdepim after upgrading to 4.6.0.
5 >
6 > Apart from the calendar (more on this later), everything seemed fine.
7 > Several kontact restarts and several reboots later it was still fine.
8 > Then suddenly kmail decided to throw away all my filters after #11 -
9 > they simply get removed from kmail2rc silently and the file is
10 > rewritten when kmail closes. I recreated the filters, and today it
11 > chucked everything away. Twice. Seriously, I'm now getting hugely
12 > pissed off. I can add the filters back in from a backup copy, but they
13 > still get discarded.
14 >
15 > Today, kmail hung while accessing my Exchange account over IMAP. The
16 > folder list showed 100+ unread mails, but none of them were in the
17 > view pane. Deleting that account and recreating it brought everything
18 > back.
19 >
20 > The calendar in korganizer just does not work. Period. It is empty.
21 > But all the todos in it are listed in the Kontact summary view! An
22 > invite is displayed as raw ical data, missing the usual Accept|Reject|
23 > etc links. And the calendar is apparently read-only: right-click on a
24 > time-slot gives a greyed-out context menu so I can't select "Add
25 > event"
26 >
27 > My pim config has come a long ways, from somewhere early in the 3-
28 > series and just got updated every time. I tried a kdepim-4.6 beta a
29 > while ago but that was not a happy experience so went back to 4.4, and
30 > am now back at 4.6. I strongly suspect a very unhappy outdated config,
31 > but the apps themselves are not helping to nail it down.
32 >
33 > There's nothing in .xsession-errors that gives a clue, nothing on the
34 > console with the appropriate kdebug options set, and lots of google
35 > searches have not revealed any kind of config validation script.
36 >
37 > If any of you fine folks can point me at a link containing useful
38 > debugging techniques for kdepim, this here crotchy old sysadmin will
39 > be eternally grateful. I might even DHL some cookies as a token of
40 > gratitude :-)
42 Are you sure that your mysql has not gone awry?
44 I'm running KDE4.6.3 stable and Kmail 1.12.7 for a couple of weeks now on
45 three machines and I have not noticed any problems. On two of them I use
46 sqlite3. I am not using Kontact/Calendar or other kdepim apps much - only
47 when I want to look at a date - with no problems so far.
49 If anything kde4.6 is more stable here than kde4.4!
51 Are your akonadi logs clear of any errors? Your mysql logs?
53 If you are using kdm (instead of startx) and mysql happens to fail at the
54 start you are probably none the wiser about it, because kdm has kicked in by
55 then and you are looking at a login screen. Something like this could screw
56 things up.
58 Also, if you forget to run mysql_upgrade after you updated/upgraded mysql
59 things could break with it.
61 If none of the above are the causes then it might be some esoteric setting in
62 your config files that does not translate across to the latest versions - but
63 that seems unlikely. I would have thought that it would be simply ignored,
64 rather than screw up your email accounts/calendar.
65 --
66 Regards,
67 Mick


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