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From: Stroller <stroller@××××××××××××××××××.uk>
To: gentoo-user@l.g.o
Subject: Re: [gentoo-user] samba no connect from windows
Date: Sat, 13 Nov 2010 01:55:22
In Reply to: [gentoo-user] samba no connect from windows by Harry Putnam
1 On 13/11/2010, at 12:04am, Harry Putnam wrote:
3 > This samba problem (windows machines cannot connect to gentoo server)
4 > seems to have followed a recent update including samba.
5 >
6 > qlop shows: Mon Nov 1 05:10:33 2010 >>> net-fs/samba-3.5.6
7 >
8 > Usually I've found I might need to redo passwords with smbpasswd.
9 >
10 > This time, that is not sufficient.
11 >
12 > Looking at the logs...
13 >
14 > I've included a snippet below, but let me say that I first restarted
15 > samba, then rm'ed all log* files under /var/log/samba.
17 You haven't demonstrated you can connect using a Linux machine and the Samba command line tools. Connecting using the same machine (to localhost) should be sufficient, however it's probably better to connect from a 2nd Linux box. You haven't shown us using `ps` that smbd and nmdb are running, nor have you posted the output of `netstat` (appropriately grepped - e.g. `netstat -aep | grep -e samba -e smb -e nmb`). When you `/etc/init.d/samba restart` does Samba start and stop cleanly?
19 I also suggest you try the Windows command line tools, `net use` &c. When you connect using the Windows GUI tools you need to be *really* verbose about which specific icons and buttons you clicked on. Mounting a network share as a drive allows you to specify a username for the share / connection, whereas Start > Run and typing "\\server\share" may not (and may use a different username, attempting to connect as guest).
21 These articles demonstrate how to use `nmblookup` and `smbclient` for troubleshooting purposes:
23 - scroll down to "List Shares Available on the Server"
30 (PDF)
31 (PDF)
33 Three of these articles are top google hits for "troubleshooting samba". I have used the first two links personally to debug Samba within the last 4 weeks.
35 The reason I have replied to your last two posts saying "you haven't demonstrated that ..." is not personal. My thought process before replying was "this guy hasn't given us enough information ... I'll ignore this post ... well, that's no help to him - having told us so little he'll be waiting forever for help ... hmmmn, I wonder if it's the same guy". And it was you. Sorry about that.
37 The information you have given us is scant, and without more we're left guessing around the same as you are. I'm pretty much rehashing the famous essay "How to ask questions the smart way" here, but I'm trying to be more terse and less patronising. Sorry if I fail at that latter.
39 But in my experience, if you make the effort to google, follow the obvious solutions and *document fully* that you've followed them (this last part is VERY important) in your post to the mailing list then 8 times out of 10 you'll solve your own problem without needing to post, and a further 9th time out of 10 someone will quickly be able to give you a one-line answer showing your error.
41 My experience is that when you take the time to do the documenting stage of this - tediously re-doing everything you did before and copying and pasting it into an email, making sure you methodology is pristine and clear, then it forces your mental processes to slow down. It's frustrating to have to repeat things you've already tried and it takes an hour or two, but 8 times out of 10 the slower pace of re-doing your troubleshooting leads you to discover the problem for yourself.
43 You should not to be trying to *tell* us you have a problem, you should be trying to *prove* to us that you have a problem.
45 Samba is frikkin' nasty to troubleshoot, it's boring and it's inconvenient, and I agree that it seems more so than most other services. I don't really know why this is. I too find the logfiles pants. Particularly when it comes to Samba I find a real reluctance to sit down, roll my sleeves up and get on with what I've just suggested you do, but there's no way to know more without doing so.
47 Stroller.