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Subject: [gentoo-user] System shuts off on boot-up
Date: Sat, 21 Jan 2012 03:58:48
1 I am working on trying to get my AMD64 system back online. I recently rebuilt it (from scratch) after a very bad case of being out of date and build issues as a result (for numerous reasons). However, after I started trying to get X configured (Xorg) with the nouveau driver (I think I ran the proprietary nVidia driver before) it is now shutting off during boot-up.
3 As the system starts to boot-up, it switches like it is going to start X - changing a video mode somehow. I don't have xdm in the runlevels yet, so it can't be starting XDM at all.This seems to happen right after udevd is started, while it waiting on the udev events. The system then just shuts off (power remain on - fans are still on, but monitors are off,  and nothing responds, etc.) , and it never completes boot-up.
5 Note: Xorg won't load yet as I am still figuring out the drivers.
7 I'm out of my mind in trying to figure out what is wrong with the system.
9 Ben


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