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From: james <garftd@×××××××.net>
To: gentoo-user@l.g.o
Subject: Re: [gentoo-user] Frontier Netgear modem available, IPv6 ready.
Date: Sun, 12 Jan 2020 23:07:02
In Reply to: [gentoo-user] Frontier Netgear modem available, IPv6 ready. by Dale
1 On 1/12/20 8:19 AM, Dale wrote:
2 > Howdy,
3 >
4 > Some will recall me buying a Netgear modem thinking it would work with
5 > AT&T.� Well, it is made for Frontier service so it no longer has any
6 > value to me.� If anyone on this list that is in the USA needs or would
7 > like a backup Frontier modem that is IPv6 capable, let me know.� I got
8 > it dirt cheap so not really worried about the cost of the thing.� If one
9 > would like to send something, after making sure it works, to help cover
10 > shipping etc, that's fine.� If they are unable, no big deal.� I just
11 > hate to throw away a modem that is fairly modern and seems to work.� It
12 > is a bare modem.� No power supply, no cables at all.� Just the modem
13 > itself.� It requires a 12VDC power supply.� Ebay has them by the ton.
14 > Most likely a 1 amp would suffice but a 2 amp may leave extra wiggle
15 > room. I happen to have 3 amp versions myself.
16 >
17 > If you reply off list, please leave the [gentoo-user] in the subject
18 > line.� Otherwise my spam filter may route you to /dev/null.
19 >
20 > Maybe this will help someone in need.� :-D
21 >
22 > Dale
23 >
24 > :-)� :-)
25 >
28 I currently have spectrum but am adding a Frontier second connection
29 to be sufficiently robust for work at home. Spectrum's up-bound
30 bandwidth is frequently challenged from Spectrum, as they are mostly a
31 cable company. Frontier has fiber to the home, in my town. What's the
32 exact make/model/part numbers?
33 Serial number?
35 I've got no problem throwing you some dollars, if I can use it in a
36 multi-homed (half-baked) config......
37 Can you set a static IP on the device ?
39 James


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