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From: Nick Smith <nick@××××××××××××.com>
To: gentoo-user@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-user] WEP woes
Date: Wed, 31 Aug 2005 15:46:33
1 Im having a heck of a time getting wep to work with either iwconfig or
2 wpa_supplicant, ive followed the how-to, read over the wiki pages, and
3 looked at the example file in /etc and i still cannot get it to let me
4 connect with WEP, i can see the AP, get the freg/voltage etc, but i cant
5 get an ip from it. my setup is this: i have a wireless access point at
6 home that i want to connect to using WEP and also an AP at the office
7 that i want to connect to using WEP, i can connect to both with WEP
8 turned off, so i know my wireless is working. does someone have a
9 similar setup on their machine that they could possibly post their
10 config file? either conf.d/net or conf.d/wireless or both, (im just
11 using /net per the how-tos)
13 my config as of now looks like this:
15 modules=( "wpa_supplicant" )
16 wpa_supplicant_eth1="-prism54"
17 wpa_timeout_eth1=30
19 #associate_order="any"
20 #essid_eth1="any"
21 #preferred_aps=( "computernick" )
22 #associate_order_eth1="any"
24 key_computernick="s:c0mputernick! enc open"
25 #key_ESSID2="[1] s:CE73E751EE [1] enc open"
27 #preferred_aps=( "ESSID1" )
29 #config_ESSID1=( "dhcp" )
30 #fallback_ESSID1=( " brd" )
31 #fallback_route_ESSID1=( "default via" )
33 #config_ESSID2=( "dhcp" )
34 #fallback_ESSID2=( " brd" )
35 #fallback_route_ESSID2=( "default via" )
37 #dhcpcd_eth0="-t 15"
38 #dhcpcd_eth1="-t 15"
41 i commented out alot of stuff for troubleshooting purposes but it didnt
42 help. i cant get either one to connect with WEP enabled. i want to try
43 to get wpa working because from what i have read and heard it is more
44 advanced that iwconfig, lets you connect to wpa enc and i think it does
45 scanning as well.
47 any help or a config file would be greatly appreciated.
49 thanks
51 Nick
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