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From: Alessandro DE LAURENZIS <just22.adl@×××××.com>
To: gentoo-user <gentoo-user@l.g.o>
Subject: [gentoo-user] Registering X session when using startx
Date: Wed, 25 Dec 2013 19:04:10
Message-Id: 20131225190354.GA22355@icarus
1 Folks,
3 This is philosophical rather than practical, but I'm struggling with it
4 and I would appreciate your view.
6 I normally use startx for logging in X, because that gives me enough
7 flexibility (much more than XDM, 'cause I can open as much servers as
8 needed *when* they are actually needed) not requiring, at the same
9 time, the use of *kit stuff (on my primary laptop I use CDM
10 - - but it doesn't really matter).
12 Of course, X sessions are not logged into the utmp/wtmp DBs like it
13 happens using XDM.
15 Even if I could live without that, I would prefer to avoid any
16 inconsistencies and, of course, who/w/last commands could be useful for
17 multi-user systems administration.
19 So I'm trying to recover their functionality.
21 XDM has its own mechanism in /etc/X11/xdm/{Xstartup,Xreset} to log the
22 details using sessreg, but since startx is run as normal user, it isn't
23 reusable within my scope.
25 There are a very few info on the matter (see e.g.
26, closed as
27 WONTFIX) so it seems I'm alone...
29 I tried a bunch of WAs in order to be able to use the sessreg command
30 within ~/.xinitrc:
32 1) setuid /usr/bin/sessreg: possibly multiple security holes;
34 2) use sudo: I really don't understand why, but that doesn't work; I
35 mean, the output from who/w is different w.r.t. the expected one (there
36 is no line related to the active X session, even if the reported number
37 of users seems ok);
39 3) adding users to utmp group (which is equivalent to open /var/run/utmp
40 and /var/log/wtmp in writing to all); this is my "favorite hack" at the
41 moment, but I feel it is still suboptimal.
43 Any hints? Other strategies adopted? Suggestions related to point 2)?
45 I'm looking forward to hearing from gurus!
47 Thanks for your time
49 --
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