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From: Jim Burwell <jimb@××××.cc>
To: gentoo-user@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-user] net-fs/samba 4.5.16 compile fail
Date: Tue, 17 Jul 2018 03:42:21
1 Hi,
3 Discovered an issue when trying to compile net-fs/samba-4.5.16.  Looks
4 like it involves the WAF package configuration process and/or rpcgen. 
6 Problem is with the source files trying to "#include <rpc/rpc.h>"
7 (sm_notify.c is the first the fail), the location of the glibc SunRPC
8 headers when it doesn't exist.  Those headers actually live in
9 "<tirpc/rpc/rpc.h>" but for whatever reason the build wasn't including
10 it, or including "-I /usr/include/tiprc" during the build.
12 Curiously, WAF shows that it didn't find the rpc headers (at least form
13 my quick perusal through the build logs), but the build is still doing
14 the "#include". 
16 Quick fix is:  $ CFLAGS "-I/usr/include/tirpc -Wl,-ltirpc" emerge -1v samba
18 BTW, no thanks to the a particular scold and martinet in #gentoo named
19 "kurly" who seemed to be itching to kick/silence for asking simple
20 questions (which he of course did).  People like that shouldn't have
21 ops, IMHO.
23 - Jim