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Subject: RE: [gentoo-user] A Theoretical install Question
Date: Wed, 23 May 2007 00:18:33
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5 > Subject: Re: [gentoo-user] A Theoretical install Question
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8 > Not to mention you will spend much longer waiting for
9 > everything to download then you'd have to wait for everything
10 > do download on demand. It would probably be more desirable
11 > for you to keep a network-shared distfiles than mirror the
12 > servers. Then there's the age-old 'static hosts file'
13 > problem - just like the giant host file describing everyone
14 > took longer to transfer than to become outdated back in the
15 > glorious days of UNIX, it will also probably take longer to
16 > dowload all distfiles ever than it will for those distfiles
17 > to become outdated. In conclusion, I think this is a rather
18 > silly idea.
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21 You are right I think.
22 If nothing else the handbook says that Gentoo etiquite says not
23 to rsync your portage tree more than once a day. For the average
24 distro, once a week or even once a month is more than sufficient
25 to keep up with the packages in the main branch.
27 I think that I will probably be better off doing a stage three
28 install, then doing an 'emerge -euD world' or similar before
29 moving on from there. After that, I can just make sure to watch
30 the FAQ's and walkthroughs when I install Xorg to make sure that
31 I do it right. ^_^
33 Hopefully by the time I build the machine, either A) I can get
34 a decent nVidia card, or B) the ATI drivers will be released. ^_^
36 I preffer nVidia, but if the ATI drivers go open source (crossing
37 my fingers but not holding my breath), then that will be a good
38 option as well.
40 ^_^
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