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From: JimD <Jim@×××××××××××××××××.org>
To: gentoo-user@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-user] net-nntp/klibido
Date: Sat, 27 May 2006 23:28:18
1 Has anyone gotten this to compile with gcc 4.x?
3 I just upgraded to gcc 4.1 and I also just installed kdelibs 3.5 (I am a
4 gnome guy and want to give kde a look).
6 The requirement page on the klibido site state gcc 3.x. Would I be able
7 to emerge gcc 3.x and compile klibido with that? I compiled kdelibs 3.5
8 with gcc 4.1.
10 Since I have no kde stuff on my system, I thought I would get the latest
11 and greatest to try out kde. However, I would hate to spend hours
12 compiling kde 3.5 with gcc 4.1 to have nothing but a headache.
14 If the above is not doable, does anyone know of a good binary news
15 reader for Linux? I have tried the older, stable version of pan, though
16 that is dog slow and uses HUGE amounts of memory. Today pan sucked up
17 over 800MB of my 2GB and caused Firefox and Thunderbird to terminate (I
18 was also using VMware at the time with 768MB WinXP guest). I now just
19 tried the latest unstable pan with is much faster and uses much less
20 memory. However, it is too unstable to be usable for me.
22 I would love to find a clean binary news reader like GrabIt
23 ( GrabIt is simple, fast and stable. Though it
24 is closed source and only runs on WinXP which doesn't help me now :-(
26 Thanks for any help,
28 p.s. sorry if this post showed up already. I posted it close to 2 hours
29 ago and don't see it.
31 Jim
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36 JimD
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