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From: Anton Molyboha <anton.stay.connected@×××××.com>
To: gentoo-user@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-user] Is there rpcgen in Gentoo and how to compile dev-perl/Ace?
Date: Fri, 10 Nov 2017 00:50:14
Hi all,

I am trying to emerge dev-perl/Ace-1.920.0-r2 on my Gentoo Prefix on MacOS
and it fails trying to run "rpcgen -I -K -1 rpcace.x" and not finding
rpcgen (or rather finding the XCode version of it which I don't want)

This being Prefix, things are expected to fail, so both options are
1) rpcgen is provided by some package which is not listed as a dependency
of dev-perl/Ace
2) dev-perl/Ace does not really need rpcgen and a proper build
configuration would avoid trying to call it.

As for option 1, Wikipedia says that rpcgen is part of "Sun Microsystems
ONC RPC". The only package I could find that would mention sunrpc in the
description is net-libs/libtirpc, but I don't see any mention of rpcgen in
its sources (I could not emerge it yet either) Maybe I am looking in the
wrong place and something else would provide a working rpcgen? There are
quite a few rpc-related packages in Gentoo and I would not be able to just
try each of them.

As for option 2 - I don't actually know what dev-perl/Ace is, I need it for
bioperl which I need for something else... I don't see any rpc-related use
flags and not sure where else to look that would influence its dependence
on that rpcgen.

TL;DR: I have two questions:
1) Does anybody know of a Gentoo package which provides the tool "rpcgen"
2) Does anybody know how dev-perl/Ace is meant to be compiled and whether
the dependence on rpcgen is necessary.

The information requested by a failing emerge is attached (including the
slightly modified ebuild working around previous build failures)

Thanks in advance!



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Ace-1.920.0-r2.ebuild application/octet-stream
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