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From: Mick <michaelkintzios@×××××.com>
To: gentoo-user@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-user] The mess that's called KDEPIM 4.7 ...
Date: Thu, 29 Dec 2011 00:46:03
1 ... or what the unbelievable lack of maturity of KDEPIM devs has landed us in:
3 I have upgraded KDE on my old laptop to see what gives. Surprisingly, it was
4 not *too* bad; i.e. my old emails were not corrupted, deleted or otherwise
5 affected.
7 However, the following are things that didn't really work as a rational human
8 being would expect with a PIM setup, let alone anyone who's running this in a
9 production environment with loads of users!
11 The auto-migration did not work. It only worked partially for some mail
12 account settings, but did not leave behind a workable system, with half the
13 account settings missing.
15 The kmail-migrator --interactive also did not work.
17 I had to change the location pointing to the local mail folders - I keep mine
18 under ~/Mail. Then after pressing F5 on each folder akonadi scanned the
19 respective mail directory and my stored messages showed up! :-)
21 Partial success here, however, because the Sent mail subfolders were not
22 imported, linked to or showed up. I keep my sent mail in separate subfolders
23 according to the account that I sent messages from and they are stored there
24 using kmails filters.
26 Trying to manually import ~/Mail/, etc. did not
27 work no matter how many times I tried.
29 Eventually I set up a new local resource account (Settings/Accounts/Add) and
30 pointed this to It imported everything, but as a new
31 top-level folder. :-(
33 I tried a number of times to update these, but sqlite3 just hangs for some
34 reason and neither completes the update, not does it complain (when launching
35 kmail from a terminal). I don't know if mysql would be more successful here.
37 The migration of the email account Settings was even less successful. The
38 settings for Sending transferred across, but the account settings for
39 Receiving did not survive. Well, let me be more precise here. They did
40 survive, as they were all still in the kmailrc file. I checked this against a
41 back up. No matter, they didn't show up under accounts.
43 I resorted to recreating these from scratch using the kmail GUI and other than
44 some changes on the GUI fields, the pop3 email accounts worked fine.
46 The IMAP4 accounts were less of a success however. I recreated them from
47 scratch, but no messages showed up under Inbox. Sent and Trash work fine.
49 Having ran out of time I was wondering if you came across such breakages and
50 if so how did you fix them.
52 For now I have masked KDEPIM 4.7 on all of my remaining boxen. This is too
53 messy to have to fix more than once, if I can fix it at all that is!
55 The only thing that's keeping me from mutt is the zillion shortcut commands
56 that I need to learn ... old dog/new tricks and all that.
57 --
58 Regards,
59 Mick


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