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From: Daniel Ibn Zayd <daniel.ibnzayd@××××××××××.com>
To: Gentoo User List <gentoo-user@l.g.o>
Subject: [gentoo-user] Minor questions: binutils-apple upgrade; pango; geany; etc.
Date: Tue, 27 Mar 2012 13:28:47
1 I've been working with Gentoo Prefix/Portage on a Mac Powerbook G4 for the
2 past few weeks, and other than a few minor glitches easily rectified, I'm
3 extremely happy with the way it works and works well.
5 I do have a few minor questions concerning the appearance of updates to
6 ebuilds, as well as how gentoo determines what is available to my
7 system/what needs upgrading....
9 1) I installed portage according to the bootstrap instructions, setting
10 binutils-apple to version 3.2 (now 3.2.6) according to my version of
11 XCode. Nonetheless, doing a world update pretend run always gives me this:
13 Code:
14 [ebuild NS ] sys-devel/binutils-apple-4.2 [3.2.6] USE="-lto -test"
17 4.2 won't install as it is not compatible (if I understand correctly from
18 the bootstrap instructions); and 3.2.6 is installed with flags "one-shot"
19 and "no-deps"....
21 Is there a way to tell Portage not to attempt to upgrade here?
25 2) I've posted in the Multimedia item on the forums board about a certain
26 problem I had with Pango, a known issue that is fixed with pango-1.29.5. I
27 have read up on making my own overlays, but I'm wondering if there is a
28 way to request an addition to the tree, or expedite such an addition? I'd
29 rather for now rely on Portage than to get into my own interventions here.
33 3) This brings me to the next question, which is: Geany for Mac OSX is
34 available in other package managers, but is completely missing from the
35 Gentoo tree; --search brings up nothing at all. I imagine I can install
36 it, but I'm wondering first whether again it is possible to request that
37 it be added to the Gentoo tree?
40 Thanks for any and all assistance!


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