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From: Alan Mackenzie <acm@×××.de>
To: gentoo-user@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-user] booting with kernel 3.10.17 - services fail to start. Help, please!
Date: Sat, 07 Dec 2013 21:28:55
Message-Id: 20131207212608.GA2836@acm.acm
1 Hi, Gentoo!
3 I finally built 3.10.17 a couple of weeks back, and have spent many
4 hours, fruitlessly, trying to get a handle on the following problem.
6 I boot with 3.10.17 and the services fail to start. Everything is fine
7 with 3.8.13. My system is an amd-64 stable, with /usr on the root
8 partition, udev is the device manager, and there is no initramfs.
10 My evidence for this failure comes from "$ rc config show -all": every
11 visible service is marked as being "[stopped]". If I try "$ rc config
12 start <service-name>", I get told something like "service is already
13 starting". The same happens with "$ rc config restart".
15 I'm also missing messages from OpenRC. I see only these:
17 Mounting /proc
18 Mounting /run
19 /run/openrc: creating directory
20 /run/lock: creating directory
21 /run/lock: correcting owner
23 Enter runlevel:
25 . The first message I expect, but don't see (after the "correcting
26 owner" one) is:
28 Using /dev mounted from kernel
30 . (By the way, are OpenRC messages written to a log anywhere?) To the
31 "Enter runlevel: " prompt, I type "3", and OpenRC instantly displays the
32 login prompt (rather than after starting the "default" services).
34 I can log in as root. /dev exists, pretty much as normal, except the
35 device-mapper devices used by lvm are missing.
37 Either I've made a mistake configuring my kernel, or there's some new
38 piece of configuration needed which I've somehow missed hearing about.
39 I suppose I really ought to include my kernel config here, but I'll
40 not, at least not yet, since it's 2737 lines long.
42 Please help me sort out this bug. Thanks!
44 --
45 Alan Mackenzie (Nuremberg, Germany).