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From: Gerhard Hoogterp <gerhard@×××××××××××××.nl>
To: gentoo-user@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-user] mediamanager tries to open wrong path
Date: Wed, 31 Jan 2007 20:37:13
1 Hi,
3 I try to install udev/hal/pmount in such a way that my usb devices are
4 automounted. But not with a changable name in the media folder, but with a
5 fixed name like /mnt/camera (or /media/camera.. whatever. As long as it's the
6 same every time..)
8 At this moment most things work, but when I add the mountpoints to fstab
9 things go wrong. kde pops up a window and an error "permission denied". The
10 later is understandable as it seems to try to open a mount in the media dir
11 which doesn't exists instead of the mount point as given in the fstab.
12 Regretfully the /mnt/camera isn't mounted either.
14 So adding a line to the fstab file just screws up the system as it seems.
15 Removing it leaves me with changable names in the media folder (/media/disk,
16 media/disk-1, depending on what's happening..
18 So I see two sollutions:
20 - Or the mediamanager whould open the path as givien in the fstab (but where
21 do I tell it to do so?)
23 - Or I should be able to give the pmount a label (the second parameter) so it
24 creates a /media/<label>. But again.. where can I do this.
26 The main reason that I want a fixed name is for programs like digikam which
27 expects such a path for importing images. Besides, on of the howtos
28 suggested that using the fstab should work. So why doesn't it..
30 Anybody a suggestion?
32 --
33 Ithaka photography,
34 --
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