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From: Harry Putnam <reader@×××××××.com>
To: gentoo-user@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-user] fsck date problem during boot
Date: Wed, 04 Nov 2009 15:46:23
1 I've been fiddling with a new kernel, and have had several occasions
2 to reboot lately.
4 If I mounted /boot to cp the new kernel etc over, I have a problem on
5 reboot for sure.
7 Somehow the date of last fsck on /boot is seen as `in the future' so
8 fsck fails on /dev/had1 (/boot).
10 Which means nearly all other boot time services also fail. So I end
11 up logging into a system with no services running and only `/' mounted.
13 At that point, I run fsck /dev/hda1 which finds a date error, fixes it
14 and then reboot... this time everything works, and if I don't mount
15 /boot a reboot just works... but if I end up having to fiddle further
16 with kernel, mount /boot to copy over etc. On reboot the same problem
17 occurs.
19 I tried to get ahead of the game by umounting /boot after cp over
20 kernel and running fsck on it before reboot. fsck doesn't find a
21 problem. But at reboot... the same problem occurs.
23 What it means is every reboot requires 2 reboots (if I mounted /boot)
25 I'm guessing its some kind of timing problem with events during boot.
26 But not sure what to do about it.
28 The clock can't be getting that far off in a few seconds, and is reset
29 when ntp-client runs. So I don't understand the error saying `in the
30 future'.


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