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From: Alex Schuster <wonko@×××××××××.org>
To: gentoo-user@l.g.o
Subject: Re: [gentoo-user] KDE? Get me out of here!
Date: Sat, 19 Jun 2010 21:07:08
1 Whoops, sorry for the other posting. Suddenly this mail got sent, and some
2 empty kmail windows opened. Probably due to this effect I sometimes
3 experience: The last keypress gets repeated all over the time, and when I
4 move the mouse over other windows weird things may happen. Pressing keys
5 like Ctrl-Alt-Shift stops it after a while.
8 Mick writes:
10 > Before you read specific answers below, you may want to check:
11 >
12 > $ echo $XDG_DATA_DIRS
13 > /usr/local/share:/usr/share
14 >
15 > in your logs is shows:
16 >
17 > Environment variable XDG_DATA_DIRS is set to
18 > '/usr/share:/usr/local/share:/usr/share'
19 >
20 > Why is /usr/share in there twice? Could this mess things up?
22 Seems to be normal, I also have this with a fresh setup.
24 > On 17 June 2010 00:23, Alex Schuster <wonko@×××××××××.org> wrote:
25 > [snip ...]
26 >
27 > > Mick wrote:
28 > >> On Tuesday 09 March 2010 20:12:09 Alex Schuster wrote:
30 > > But: There are errors when akonadi is starting up during login. I
31 > > think it did not do this when I wrote the last mail, but probably
32 > > this is the problem now for the migration does not work. I attached
33 > > the error parts of the log.
34 >
35 > Can you run /etc/init.d/dbus restart before you try again? Your
36 > akonadi log complains about dbus (amidst other things).
38 This service is running - I think KDM did not even come up when I had it
39 off once. This must be some KDE-internal dbus error.
42 > > And I looked for your posting, and searched all of my gentoo-user
43 > > archive, but somehow I did not find it. If you think it would help
44 > > in my case, and if you still have it at hand, it would be nice if
45 > > you could direct me to it (the subject would be enough).
46 >
47 >
49 Thanks! Now I remember reading it.
52 > >>> I tried to figure out what this was, and how to get the error
53 > >>> message in English, but then I found out that I only have to
54 > >>> restart kontact. Fine, now I want to add a contact. First, when I
55 > >>> want to edit the location, the country is set to Afghanistan, I
56 > >>> always have to change this to Germany.
57 > >>> Annoying, why is this so, who would want this behaviour, except for
58 > >>> Afghans perhaps.
59 > >>
60 > >> Have you tried to set up your locale in systemsettings to Germany?
61 > >
62 > > Yes, it's set like that.
63 >
64 > Have you set up your local timezone in /etc/conf.d/clock, in case this
65 > affects it?
67 It's set correctly. I'd guess Afghanistan ist simpy the first entry in the
68 list of countries, and no one bothered to make the user's country default.
69 Or do you have another default?
72 > > - Strigi indexes some directory over and over again and again and
73 > > again and again. And again and again. Then it crashes, and when I
74 > > re-activate it, it indexes the folder again and again and again. And
75 > > so on.
76 >
77 > You may want to switch off strigi in systemsettings?
79 That's what I do. But still I'd like to use those desktop indexing
80 features.
82 > BTW, have you tried removing ~/.kde4 and then login into KDE afresh?
84 Boy, do I hate to do this. Getting all the settings back takes so much
85 work. But now I did it anyways. It took me several hours, and still not
86 everying is back as it was, but at least I have I cleaner setup now.
87 This desktop activity stuff is a mess to set up. I have 8 desktops for
88 different things I do, each one with its own activity. That is, those KDE
89 plasmoids appear on that desktop only, not on every one. But while you can
90 send a window to any desktop easily, moving a plasmoid from one activity
91 to another does not seem to be possible. When I accidentally selected
92 Enlightenment-KDE instead of Enlightenment, KDE4 started up with
93 Enlightenment as window manager, which messed up the location of each
94 desktop. I had to edit stuff in .kde4/share/config/plasma-desktop-
95 appletsrc by hand to correct this.
98 Impressions:
100 Some things are indeed fixed.
102 - Konqueror now respects the setting that it should ask before closing a
103 window with multiple tabs.
105 - Dolphin no longer opens maximized.
107 - Ark no longer opens the home directory with dolphin when extracting
108 files.
110 - And Akonadi starts without errors! Except for the last login, when again
111 no resource agents were found. Did not happen again (yet).
113 KDE4 Problems that still happen:
115 - Strigi scans already indexed files, then crashes. Repeats a cuple of
116 times, then exits. Syslog shows sefgaults in nepomukservices.
118 - Dolphin FTP does not work with Umlauts. And I have to enter the password
119 twice.
121 - Konsole profiles have to be activated in the profile dialog before they
122 show up in the menu.
124 - Kmail did not save this e-mail, I lost my edits when my whole system
125 just crashed. Now I wonder what _this_ was.
127 - Sessions are often saved incorrectly. Then some konquerors are missing,
128 a dolphin is on the wrong desktop.
130 - At session startup, konqueror always complains it dies unexpectedly and
131 offers to restore the session, unless I close every instance before
132 logout.
134 - This session restore of konquereror works sometimes, and sometimes not.
135 And all konqueror windows it opens belong to the same process, so when one
136 window dies, all die.
138 - No automatic spell checking in kmail. And no English language to select,
139 only German.
141 - When the desktop is locked, the password dialog sometimes does not
142 accept the password. It is all lowercase letters, letter position
143 independent of keyboard layout. Switching to a text console and back
144 helped. Oh, did I already mention that sometimes when switching back into
145 graphics mode, I get an empty screen, and have to reboot then?
147 - Under heavy load, when switching to a locked desktop, it sometimes takes
148 quite a while until it blanks and the password dialog appears. In the
149 meantime, it probably cannot be used, but at least everything is clearly
150 visible.
152 - Trying to move a plasmoid from the panel onto the desktops crashes
153 plasma.
155 - This plasma stuff has its problems. Sometimes plasmoids have the wrong
156 position, or refuse to be dragged or changed in size (they return to the
157 former state after the operation).
159 - I thought it was gone... but then again the mouse only worked in parts
160 of the active window. When I close it via keyboard, the next active
161 windows becomes partially responsive to the mouse. I have to log out then.
163 - KDE4 eats A LOT of memory. I have about 30 tabs open in konquerors, this
164 alone is 1 GB after a while. And X is not much less.
166 - nspluginviewer processes often eat a lot of CPU power. So I frequently
167 kill them with killall nspluginviewer, I have a little button for this
168 purpose in the panel. And system loads gets much lower. It's still quite
169 high, though.
171 - I'm sure I forgot some.
173 Other frequent problems:
175 - This repeating key problem I mentioned. And sometimes I have some sort
176 of caps lock feature, but for Ctrl or Alt. I can remove it by pressing all
177 those meta keys at once.
179 - After using the fullscreen mode of VMware, modifier keys like alt, shift
180 and ctrl stopped working, except inside an NX session I had also running.
182 - Starting a specific program that ready 1.5 GB of data just made the
183 system hang for two times. The Magic SysRq stuff worked, although I did
184 not get out of graphics mode, so I had to reboot.
186 - Suspending to RAM does not work at all.
188 - Hibernating with TuxOnIce works sometimes, but sometimes resuming stops
189 with some "Opening LUKS. Killed." message, or the suspend image is ignored
190 and a normal boot happens.
192 - I have a Radeon HD 3200. I tried the radeon drivers instead of ati-
193 drivers (fglrx), but did not get acceleration ([dri] RADEONDRIGetVersion
194 failed (libdri too old)). But thats's still be best result I ever got with
195 tose drivers. I removed the blocking ati-drivers and updated to xorg 1.8,
196 then radeon worked with acceleration. But when I move the mouse onto the
197 panel in KDE4, X dies instantly without anything in syslog except for a 'X
198 server for display :0 terminated unexpectedly' message.
200 - mplayer sometimes play videos with colors totally messed up, like if
201 some parameter like brightness or gamme was set realyl really high, so
202 sometimes nothing at all can be seen.
204 Wonko


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