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From: Daniel <danstemporaryaccount@×××××.ca>
To: gentoo-user@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-user] Sound doesn't work in Flash
Date: Wed, 05 Sep 2007 19:17:32
1 Here's what I have:
2 KDE (Konqueror & Firefox)
3 Sound works in mplayer
4 Sound works in amarok
5 I'm using alsa
6 I'm not using arts
7 I'm not using esd
8 My USE flags include gstreamer
9 Flash video works
10 Flash audio is completely silent
12 Here's what I've tried:
13 # emerge netscape-flash
14 $ rm -r ~/.mozilla (and other firefox-ish or macromedia dirs)
15 Restarting the box
16 Creating a new user and starting a KDE session as that user
18 In all cases above, Youtube videos and every other site using Flash works
19 great... except for the audio. I have no sound whatsoever.
21 This has been the case for some time, but I've been unable to find the problem
22 and Google hasn't been much help either. There's lots of mentions of 64bit
23 systems running into this, but both of my machines are running in 32bit mode
24 (one is AMD64 desktop, the other is a Intel Centrino laptop).
26 Does anyone have some ideas as to what I'm missing here? I'm kinda desperate
27 at this point as I'm about to go on a very long tour through Europe and I
28 won't have time to troubleshoot this sorta thing then.
29 --
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