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From: Jorge Morais <×××××.com>
To: gentoo-user@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-user] How to manage package.keywords for greater system reliability?
Date: Fri, 22 May 2009 00:37:45
1 Hi. I used to think it was safe to use ~arch packages (through
2 package.keywords) on a stable system until I saw bug #257047 - GCC 4.3
3 didn't have a strict enough glibc dependency. And comment #15 in that
4 bug report is:
5 "[...] we don't test or support half-stable half-testing toolchains, and they
6 are likely to break, like in this case. if you're going to use an ~arch
7 keyworded complier, you will need to use a ~arch libc."
9 OK, I will avoid ~arch toolchain components. What worries me is that I
10 never saw a warning about this.
12 Also, GCC 4.3.3 enables FORTIFY_SOURCE=2 by default and this breaks some
13 packages. A developer said on 2009-04-10 they were only processing bugs
14 that can be confirmed in ~arch. So an arch system with ~arch toolchain
15 could hit many bugs and maybe such a system would even be less reliable
16 than an entirely ~arch system.
18 So:
19 1) Certain subsystems, like the toolchain, need to be "harmonious" -
20 either all arch or all ~arch. What other subsystems have this need?
22 2) With the FORTIFY_SOURCE issues, it seems that an ~arch toolchain
23 shouldn't be used in an arch system at all.
25 Now my greatest practical concern: bugfix releases
26 3) Sometimes Gentoo takes a long time to stabilize a bugfix release like
27 media-gfx/gimp-2.6.6 (the latest arch-blessed release is 2.6.4); this
28 release fixes many bugs and entered Portage in 2009-03-18 and by
29 searching on b.g.o I can't find any regressions; and it entered Debian
30 testing in 2009-04-01. I don't know the cause of this delay; I guess the
31 arch testing teams are overworked.
33 I often put these bugfix releases in package.keywords. Isn't it wise to
34 use the latest bugfix release in a given major version? For example, I
35 want to use sys-kernel/vanilla-sources-2.6.27.x, and since
36 the last arch version is, far from the latest upstream stable
37 version (, I put
38 =sys-kernel/vanilla-sources-2.6.27*
39 in
40 /etc/portage/package.keywords/shortterm.
42 When I see a new bugfix release of a package I care about, I look at the
43 changelog to see the bug corrections. I decide how much to wait before
44 putting the bugfix version in package.keywords depending on the severity
45 of the fixed bugs (and I look at for any regressions,
46 and I look if the version has been accepted in distros like Debian
47 testing). For example, I put mail-client/claws-mail-3.7.1 in
48 package.keywords nearly immediately due to the importance of the bug fixes.
50 Is it wise to do this for any program? Maybe only for programs not part
51 of the core base system (such as the toolchain, bash or coreutils*),
52 relying on the developers for the base system?
54 Or maybe I should just stick to all-stable, so as to not be different,
55 and keep package.keywords for those packages where I really want a new
56 feature (like packages with no stable versions)?
58 * Speaking of coreutils, it is still at 7.1, with upstream having
59 released 7.4, which fixes bugs in 7.1 .


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