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From: Pandu Poluan <pandu@××××××.info>
To: gentoo-user@l.g.o
Subject: Re: [gentoo-user] Best file system for portage tree?
Date: Sat, 10 Mar 2012 15:10:43
In Reply to: [gentoo-user] Best file system for portage tree? by Alex Schuster
1 On Mar 10, 2012 8:33 PM, "Alex Schuster" <wonko@×××××××××.org> wrote:
2 >
3 > Hi there!
4 >
5 > Is there an advantage in putting the portage tree on an extra partition?
6 >
7 > Currently, I'm using reiserfs, because I read that it is efficient when
8 > using many small files. On the other hand I also heard that it tends to
9 > get slower with every emerge --sync.
10 >
11 > Space is no longer an argument in these days, at least for my desktop
12 > machine. But I would like to optimize for speed -- emerge -DputnVj
13 > @world takes quite a while to calculate, I assume this is because so many
14 > ebuild files have to be accessed.
15 >
16 > Any tips on this? Does it make sense to use a special file system just
17 > for the portage tree? What would be best? Would it help to re-create this
18 > file system from time to time in case it gets slower with every sync? Or
19 > wouldn't I notice a difference if I just used a big ext4 partition for
20 > all portage related stuff?
21 >
22 > Anyone using a compressed RAM file system for that? :)
23 >
25 This had been my burning question when I was deploying the company's
26 production server, and forced me to do some research:
28 * reiserfs is amazingly fast for reads, but suffers on simultaneous writes
29 * reiserfs does not have inode limits
30 * reiserfs' notail affects performance greatly depending on the nature of
31 the system: I/O-bound (use notail) or CPU-bound (don't use notail)
32 * reiserfs, if mounted without notail, is very space-efficient
34 So, I end up with the following mix:
36 * ext2 for /boot
37 * reiserfs for /usr/portage and /var/tmp (RAM is at premium; can't use
38 tmpfs)
39 * ext4 for everything else
41 This cocktail has been serving me well. I don't need advanced filesystems
42 like ZFS, XFS, or btrfs, because my servers are virtualized, and the
43 advanced features (e.g., snapshot) is handled by the underlying hypervisor
44 (XenServer) and SAN Storage (we use NetApp).
46 Rgds,


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