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From: Harry Putnam <reader@×××××××.com>
To: gentoo-user@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-user] spontaneous reboots.. what to look for
Date: Sun, 15 Feb 2009 23:43:12
1 I've been experiencing spontaneous reboots on one gentoo machine
2 lately. Looking thru /var/log/messages... I see the restarts but
3 looking above that... I'm not seeing anything I recognize as being a
4 culprit.
6 Its been happening for a few weeks... but I've been busy and only now
7 digging into it ( The machine is no kind of server ).
9 It appears to only happen in X (I'm using xfce4) and I've only noticed
10 it since I started running 2.6.28 kernels. Although I couldn't say
11 that it seemed to be directly related.
13 I mean I didn't boot into 2.6.28 and suddenly notice spontaneous
14 rebooting.
16 It does not appear to be heat realated... but I am only now using
17 lm_sensors to keep an accurate record and see if there appears to be a
18 relationship.
20 I've had two today so either its happening more often or I'm just
21 spending more time on that machine.
23 It may also be on the first or second time its happened while I as
24 actually right at the keyboard.
26 I'm sorry to be so vague about it, but in truth, I've been pretty lazy
27 about it... since no real harm comes of an unexpected reboot on that
28 machine (so far anyway). But clearly something that has to be figured
29 out.
31 The only things I've checked so far...
32 1) browsing thru /var/log/messages (Having trouble recognizing any
33 thing that looks suspicious.
35 I have noticed what appears to be a time/date anomaly where the
36 progression of time is suddenly irregular. That is, an earlier
37 time shows up amongst some later times.
39 It appears to have been me sudoing to visudo. And apparently
40 having /etc/sudoers open long enough for the closing of it to be
41 earlier than other events taking place.
43 Again ... I'm not real sure exactly what happened there but it
44 does not appear to coincide with a reboot anyway.
46 2) checking how hot the cpu is getting (Doesn't appear to be a
47 problem) But now running a cron job recording temperatures every 10
48 minutes. So that may turn up something.
50 3) checking for overfilled disks. (none show in df -h)


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