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Date: Wed, 31 May 2006 17:19:56
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1 > I normally hate this answer, but i looked it up and it's more meat
2 > than you want to read via email. man rsync has a section on
3 > using an
4 > rsh program...basically, it's an argument to --rsh=
5 >
6 > so read the man page for rsync, it goes into a lot of detail.
8 Sure.
10 > Also, you might consider that a crust defense (i.e. relying
11 > solely on
12 > a firewall) is contrary to current security best practices. I
13 > normally favor external-facing firewalls, internal firewalls on each
14 > box, and encrypting and securing all transports that can be. but if
15 > it's just a home network...maybe not such a big deal. personally,
17 It is just a home network. However, I had a HD go bang (my previous
18 backup server) a while back and my current priority is to get the
19 backups running again. Then I can think about locking down the security.
20 The security is fully batoned down for the ports I allow outside the
21 firewall (ssh and http) the rest will come when I have time...
23 > there are too many windows boxes on my home network for that kind of
24 > trust. and you can NEVER trust the kids :)
26 That's for sure ;-)
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29 Anthony Roy
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